Dear Calla – Inherited Ring With Curved Diamonds


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Dear Calla,

I inherited my grandmother’s wedding set. We’re using the center diamond in a new ring and I just love it. It’s a more modern style.

So I have her wedding band left. The diamonds are kinda too tiny to re-use and I was told they are single cut, whatever that means. Does it mean chips? Anyway it is curvy and I’m not wearing it. Could it be made straight? I could wear it with my stacking straight ruby birthstone ring if it was straight. And that’d be so cool, cuz my grandma gave me my birthstone band when I turned sixteen.

– Hope to Go Straight


fixed bent ring















Dear Straight,

First I’ll answer your question about single cut diamonds. Single cut is an older diamond cutting style that was traditionally used on smaller diamonds. It basically means there are less facets on these diamonds than more modern cut small diamonds. They sparkle a bit less and just look different than the more modern faceting techniques.

As to your curvy old ring. I have actually done this before for people and I’m sharing pictures of a curvy ring we made straight. Sometimes it can be done and sometimes it cannot. I’d recommend asking a jeweler who designs jewelry as opposed to one who merely sells jewelry and handles simple repairs.

Good luck with it, I like how you are really using her gift and wearing her diamonds.

Your Personal Jeweler,
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