Dear Calla – How do I get my ring off? Then do I keep it?

Tight wedding band

Dear Calla,

I’ve worn my rings for 33 years. I got my engagement ring off barely a few years ago and had it re-sized. My wedding band I wasn’t so lucky with. It is ON there. I’ve tried your crushed ice, oil and even the tooth floss method. And no dice.

I really need to get it off. Do I just go to the emergency room? Then do I get a replacement ring? It’d be kind of sad to do that. Which is why I’ve been dragging my feet.

Sentimental and Dragging my Feet

Dear Dragging my Feet, sawing off ring

If you call your local jewelers I imagine one would be able to saw it off for you. It would certainly be less expensive to have your ring sawed off at a jewelers than at the emergency room.

Then they could hopefully re-build it for you. I mean you swore your vows over it. I get how important that is. If one jeweler can’t re-build it, perhaps another can. I do it often. Here’s my blog about it: Sawing Off Rings
The Rebuilt Wedding Band, Fitting Nicely, Back Where it Belongs

The Rebuilt Wedding Band, Fitting Nicely, Back Where it Belongs

Drag your feet and fingers no more and get your band sawed off. Seriously, you are a spider bite away from a circulatory emergency.

Your Personal Jeweler,
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