Dear Calla – Feeling Screwed by my Screwbacks

Threaded screw backs

Click to enlarge and see threaded screw post.

Dear Calla,

One of my screw backs has disappeared. I went to a jewelry store and they had two different types of screw backs and neither one fit. Now I have noticed that my other screw back spins super easily. I thought they were like the safest choice.

Now I’m adding this loss to my aggravation at them in general. They take forever to spin on and off, the screw post gets all disgusting with shampoo stuck in the threads and now I can’t even wear them because I don’t know who has the screw backing for the size screw post I have.

- Gag me with my Screw Backs Already

Large monster earring back next to a normal small earring back

Larger More Supportive Monster Earring Backs vs Normal Small Earring Backs. Both Pair are 14kt Gold

Dear Gag Me,

I’m not a fan. I’m not gonna lie. Some of my clients have gotten ear infections from the gook that catches in the slightly thicker than normal, post when removing them. Sometimes if you put them on wrong you strip the threads. I know people choose them for security, but I’ve replaced many single screw post backings, so I agree with you, they can unwind when you’re not looking and fall off.

I recommend as alternatives monster backs or Guardian backs which I did a recent review about.

Both of these have a faster on and off action than the interminable winding of screw backs. Yes I’m biased. For the record I find single screw backs for peeps. I find the only way to do it is to take your diamond stud and try on 3 to 7 different styles till I find a good fit. This has to do with the thickness of your post and the way the screw pattern is put on. Each manufacturer does it "their" way. Screw screw backs!

Your Personal Jeweler,

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