Dear Calla – Wedding Band for a Bumped-Out Engagement Ring

 bumped out engagement ring

This  bumped out engagement ring center part made all straight wedding bands look bad

Dear Calla,

My boyfriend Wally hit it out of the park with my engagement ring. I love it. Slight problem, we’ve gone to every jewelry store in our little berg and all the bands look beyond fail as mates for my engagement ring. I’m starting to freak a bit as I’m getting married in four months and I hate all the choices.

Wally just wants me to love my wedding band, if I could ever find one. My ring is straight with a center combo of little diamonds and one big one. That center part sticking out like that makes all the straight bands look barf inducing.

~ Gag Me with a Straight Wedding Band

Dear Gag Me,

Contoured band

You’re going to need what I call a contoured band to follow the lines of your engagement ring. If you can find a jeweler in your little berg who custom makes jewelry he or she could probably make a nice mate for your engagement ring.

If your little berg is too far off the beaten track, you may need to use a jeweler you find in a larger town or online. Someone like, say, me! OK, enough with the self-promotion, there’s probably someone in a 100-mile radius who has the chops to create contoured loveliness for you.

The bumped out ring fitting with the contoured band

This is the contoured wedding band I made for her ring and how it looks together. Maybe something on this line would work for you.

Your Personal Jeweler,
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