Dear Calla – Silver Ring with Oxidation

Dear Calla,

I was given this awesome silver ring with a pretty blue gem in it with the bezel thing around it. The ring was wider than I was used to, but because of how comfortable it is it became my favorite and I’m guilty I think of wearing it to death. I used to get compliments on it all the time, now it’s not looking as nice as it did.

It has these like carved out lines and recessed areas that were black and showed off the details. Now it’s all silver, a bit dull and the black stuff is gone. Did I kill it?

Wore it to Death


Dear Wore it,

Good news. That black stuff is probably oxidation which does wear off and can be put on again. I like to use Liver of Sulphur to oxidize silver. When it is on the ring in the recessed area it give a great three dimensional pop to your design and when it wears off your ring will look more ordinary.

You may need to re oxidize it yearly if you wear it daily.

Go ahead and keep wearing it, rings adore living life to the fullest as opposed to being in a jewelry box. And they also love compliments, so run don’t walk to get it re-oxidized.

Your Personal Jeweler,


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7 years ago

I also have similar powder. It’s color white and when I use it, I put it on a piece of cotton and pout alcohol in it before rubbing it on my tarnished silver and gold jewelry. :)