Dear Calla – Is There a Right Way to Wear a Wedding Set?

Her pretty wedding band is worn in front of her engagement ring for all the world to see.

Dear Calla,

I have a silly question. How is the wedding set properly worn? My first marriage, I had my engagement ring first, then my wedding band. It makes sense that my engagement was on first, so I could just slide  on the wedding band to seal it in. I was told I was wrong.

Am I Ms. Wrong?

She is wearing her wedding band closest to her heart. It’s a little hard to see from the front.

Dear Ms. Right,

Congrats on being Ms. Right!

There is a romantic way that the wedding band and engagement ring can be worn. During the ceremony the woman is wearing her engagement ring. She can take it off for a moment and put the wedding band on closest to her heart and then put the engagement ring on after it. They finish their vows. Then she takes the set off and flips it around so the wedding band faces outward, closest to her fingernails. This lets the world see at a glance that she is married as opposed to just engaged.

Some people can’t see the little wedding band if it is still closest to the heart, with the engagement ring closest to your fingernails. Many people like to have the wedding band facing outward.

This is a  personal thing and no one has laid down the law about the order in which your wedding set is worn. Chose the way it pleases you and wear your set that way.

To answer your question there is no right or wrong way to wear your wedding rings. And is was a great question!

Your Personal Jeweler,


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