Dear Calla – Restore or Redesign an Old Family Ring?

Old Family Ring, Ruby and Diamond Ring, Before Image

This is an Example of an Older Ring I Restored Some Time Ago.

Dear Calla,

I’ve got my grandmother’s diamond and ruby ring. It looks like it used to have more detail. I also remember it seeming really pretty when I was young. I considered getting it changed, but my best friend said that if I change it, I’ll ruin its value.

Truthfully, it looks pretty wrecked from being worn for fifty years or so. My mom says I should take the gems out and just have it redesigned into a new ring.

Do you have a more “middle of the road” idea for my ring?

– Loving Grammy’s Old Ring

Dear Loving Grammy,

I’m a big fan of returning an inherited ring to its original look, especially if there used to be engraving in its design. If a ring has been worn for as long as your mother wore hers, it often needs some repairing as well as a touch up on the engraving.

I feel that if a ring has been worn for many years that “value” that your friend is worried about you damaging is long past. To bring the beauty back to a damaged ring is the highest respect you can extend to an older ring. To restore a ring with enough hints at its former beauty can be rewarding.

And before following mom’s advice and giving up on a hard worn ring, imagine what it looked like years before. If its past glory was a look you would love to wear, restore it rather than pulling the ring apart.

This gift was given to you. A gift like that signifies love. To show that love you need to be able to wear it. As its current design, but restored, or redesigned in your style and taste using those precious gemstones. What I’m saying is it is yours. People can give you their opinion, but the choice is yours. Guilt free.

Your Personal Jeweler,
Calla Gold

Dear Calla Old Family Ring, Ruby and Diamond Restoration

Here’s an Example of How Bringing a Ring Back to How it Looked Years Ago Can add Beauty

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