Dear Calla – Motorcycle Mama Re-Designing a Wedding Ring with Attitude

Dear Calla GoldDear Calla,

The kids have flown the coop so my husband and I started travelling on a motorcycle. I’ve gone from the Junior League to the legion of motorcyclists. I went from ball gowns to blue jeans. I’m so happy. But my well behaved wedding ring is outing me among my new friends as a “good girl” and they won’t share their rude jokes with me and I’m missing all the pee in the pants funny stories.

They do bling, but with an attitude. Any suggestions for how to redesign my ring to get me a better seat by the campfire?

Changin’ and Rearrangin’

Dear Rearrangin,

Having camped and laughed around many a campfire I understand this is a priority. In the interest of getting you to those pee in the pants funny stories let’s start with your main diamond. Since the gals are cool with bling, let’s bring it. Add a halo to widen the center profile and give you more room for a wider more interesting design.

Consider more than one color of gold, think about different textures and designs in the same ring and go wider on your finger since it’s been many years since you chose that first well behaved and practical design.

The client ring I’m showing you here that we re-designed was done to tip her hat to David Yurman who she wears many pieces of.  Since this was a big departure from the look of her original I thought you could relate to it.


Before and after of three ring style ring

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