Sep 27

Dear Calla, A Simple Hand Engraving

By Calla Gold

dear callaDear Calla,

I wanted to engrave just simple initials on the 2mm band for my wife to be. I was told that hand engraving will not look good. Why is that?

Just want Something Simple

laser engraving on band

2mm wide Band With Laser Engraving

Dear Just Want,

A 2mm thin shank is not wide enough for a hand engraver to work with easily. I’d recommend that you have your inscription done by laser engraving.

Here’s a picture of a 2mm band with laser inscription. The nice thing about laser is that it can create very tiny neat letters.

And since it’s done with lasers if you are Star Wars fans, you can say it was done with a light saber. I’m just fascinated with the idea that engraving can be done with beams of light.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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