Apr 15

Jewelry You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

By Calla Gold

Teeth Jewelry

Tooth in Sterling Jewelry, a Selection

Would You Like Toothpaste With That Sir?

I thought I’d seen everything. Evidently I was way mistaken.

Putting Myself in Perspective

The next time this Santa Barbara Jeweler is feeling edgy, as in, thinking, “mmm, I’m being kinda edgy here with this design…” I just need to visit this page to totally get over myself.

This is edgy. Not my thing, but recognizably edgy.

Credit Where Credit is Due

These toothsome designs, ( I know, groan,) are by Polly Van der Glas from Australia. Do they still have cannibalism there? Or is that the Easter Islands?

What Now?

I think I’ll send this post to my dentist!

Your Not-as-Edgy-as-She-Thought-She-was-Yesterday-Jeweler-Calla

3 thoughts on “Jewelry You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

  1. How did you get my jewelry out of my mouth to take those pictures, you blogging phenom?! hh haaaaa And I thought I was turning old fogey by saying “no tattoos” to my daughter since the day she was born. What little did I know of future trends! Having said that, if anyone can make tooth jewelry look good, it would be you, Calla.

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