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A Lynda Weinman Necklace – A Design is Born

By Calla Gold

NAWBO-SB Necklace by Calla Gold Jewelry for Lynda Weinman of

Lynda Weinman of in her Calla Gold Jewelry Designed Necklace from NAWBO-SB

Lynda Weinman Inspires Me

In 1984 the Macintosh computer was released with the first graphic user interface.

While I was clueless as to the import of this new invention, for Lynda Weinman Co-Founder of it was a defining moment on her delightful and unpredictable road to successful entrepreneurship.

“Lynda Weinman: the rock star of software training.”  Says Peachpit Press.

Sean D’ Souza says about Lynda Weinman,  “the best-known and highly respected teacher of web design in the world.” .

Check out Lynda Weinman’s amazing story.

Calla Gold Jewelry Wax Model of Nawbo symbol

The NAWBO Symbol Created in a Wax Model

It’s Awesome to be Picked

I’m a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer and a huge admirer of Lynda and

I was delighted to be chosen by the Santa Barbara chapter of The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), to design a necklace to be presented to her when she gave the keynote address at The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards May 11, 2012 at the Fess Parkers Doubletree Resort.

My Thought Process in Making up a Lynda Weinman Necklace

Calla Gold Jewelry designed necklace for NAWBO-SB recipient Lynda Weinman of

Calla Gold, Designer, with Cathy Feldman Exec Dir of NAWBO-SB Foundation and Diana Bull Vice President NAWBO-SB

NAWBO has a beautiful symbol that lends itself to a piece of jewelry. When I thought about designing Lynda’s necklace I wanted it to stand out.

I knew if I made just a simple NAWBO symbol pendant on a chain, it would have gotten worn, but not create the impact I wanted for Lynda.

Because of her love for art and previous retail experience with artists, fashion and jewelry I knew simple was not Lynda’s personal style.

Lynda has really supported women in our Santa Barbara community and I knew she loved NAWBO and I wanted to honor that.

Go Long, Go Fashionable co-founder Lynda Weinman' custom designed necklace designed by Calla Gold Jewelry

This is the Necklace that NAWBO-SB gave to Lynda Weinman after her Great Keynote Speech at the Event

For the design I threw caution to the wind and came up with a 36” long oxidized sterling silver chain with green agate ornaments and a sexy tassel at the end with a profusion of pearls.

I wanted Lynda to know we admire her at NAWBO, so I said it with jewelry, so she’d feel acknowledged, understood, and valued.

Music to My Jeweler’s Ears

NAWBO-SB Foundation Exec Dir Cathy Feldman Presenting the Necklace to Lynda Weinman Co-Founder and CEO of

Lynda Weinman and Cathy Feldman at the Podium During the Necklace Presentation

When Lynda received her necklace following her speech, she was clearly in awe. “Thanks so much for this beautiful necklace,” she said. “So much thought and beauty in one spot! I felt the love—it was overpowering! It is spectacular!”

For more about the Lynda Weinman necklace.

Lynda Weinman Gifted a Necklace Designed by Calla Gold Given by NAWBO-SB Foundation

Lynda’s Necklace

Calla Gold of Calla Gold Jewelry Standing with Lynda Weinman of after Necklace Presentation

Lynda Weinman Necklace

6 thoughts on “A Lynda Weinman Necklace – A Design is Born

  1. Calla congratulations on being picked to do the design! You are the best Custom Jewelry Designer. I’m glad you’re getting recognized.
    Lynda’s necklace is unique and looks quite stylish on her. Lynda is so nicely tall and attractive, it suits her perfectly.

  2. Calla-congratulations on being the chosen one. It only makes sense to choose the best jeweler. The design is beautiful. Nice job. Wish it was mine!

  3. Lynda Weinman is an impressive business woman. That’s great that you made her a necklace. I really think is looks great.

    • Dear Tracey,
      Thank you for your kind words. There is something really exciting about making someone a piece of jewelry with meaning like that.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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