What is Your Jewelry Personality? Part two – Metal, Width and Height

This post is part two of "What is Your Jewelry Personality." If you haven't read part one, read it first.

This series is a great way to visually explore your favorite looks and feels in jewelry design.

This is a multi-part series that I'll keep adding to.

Let's narrow down some choices to finding your personal style. It's about your personality, your lifestyle and your taste.

A version of part 1 was featured in  MJSA Journal September 2017! Manufacturers and Jewelers of America.

In this part we'll dive into metal color combos, width and height for your ring.

Do You Like to Combine Metal Colors?

Width and Height of your wedding ring

Combining Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Gives a Warm Tone to Your Ring

jewelry personality

Yellow Gold for the Diamonds for Strength and Rose Gold for the Balance

Rose and Yellow Gold

Frequently people ask me for rose gold and white gold or yellow gold and white gold.

If you are leaning toward rose gold do read my warnings about designing with rose gold.

The more details you incorporate into your multi-color metal ring, the more the colors will give a feeling of depth. They will show up better too.

White Gold and Yellow Gold Make This Ring Pop

The yellow Gold Adds Warmth to the Blue Diamond

Yellow and White Metal

When you use white and yellow metals, you get the biggest pop of the metal color combinations.

After some years of wearing your two tone ring, you may feel like you wish the look and pop of the two metal colors were more pronounced. I recommend having the yellow gold, gold plated and the white metal, rhodium plated. It'll look brand new. And it'll pop like the sun.

Rose and White Metal

This combination is cooler in tone with white and rose. Rose gold is a more subtle metal color and yet a touch of its brightness changes a design for the better.

The Hammer Finish on the Concave Center Rose Gold Section Helps Highlight the Different Colors

A Kiss of Rose Gold Adds Beauty to This Wedding Ring

Would You Like Black Rhodium With That?

rose gold with hand engraving and black rhodium center

Black Rhodium Plating Creates More Depth and Makes the Hand Engraved Design really pop

Black Rhodium infinity wedding band Calla Gold Jewelry. Width and Height of your ring

The Smooth Finish of the White Gold Allows the Black to Wear off More Quickly than Textured Surfaces

Black Rhodium Makes These Diamonds Gleam

Two Men's Wedding Bands

Black Rhodium Over Black Diamonds Makes Them a More Velvety Black

Just like hand engraving, black rhodium plating can add depth and distinctive flair to your ring.

Narrow, Medium or Wide Style?

The width and height of the ring you choose isn't just about your 'small hands' or 'big boned fingers' or 'puffy fingers.' It's about the age and condition of your skin. Your jewelry personality should take these details into account for your best look.

It's about whether you have larger knuckles that might cause your ring to spin. It's about whether you have a big personality or are more shy.

It's about the details you wish for your ring. If you want your hand engraving to show, go for a wider shank. It's a bigger deal than some people think the width of your ring. Here are some choices with examples. I talk about this more in Thin or Thick Engagement Rings, Which Looks Best?

Narrow Shanks

For young fingers the thin shank shows off young pretty skin and highlights your diamond. Your diamond actually looks larger against a thinner ring shank.

Delicate and Beautiful and it Makes a Youthful Hand Look so Feminine

White Gold Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring - Calla Gold Jewelry

A Thin Classic Diamond Studded Shank for Her Engagement Ring

Medium Shanks

Filigree detail in three diamond engagement ring. Width and height too

A Medium Shank Width Allows for Larger Diamonds to be Used

Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

This Medium Size Shank Goes Well With the Design Above

A medium thickness of shank works better than thin when your ring design is more detailed. Fingers with larger knuckles also do better with more width in their ring.

Wider Shanks

Width and height of shanks make a difference in helping to keep your ring from turning. A wide low to the hand style tends to look beautiful, but not get in the way. A wider shanked ring is less likely to try to spin. An athletic or active lifestyle often calls for a ring that doesn't interfere with your life.

Two Tone Wedding Ring with Sapphires and Diamonds and Bezel Settings

This Wider Shank Spell Comfort and No Spinning

Wide and Low to the Hand and Yummy

Overall Height of Your Ring

Low Set

Some reasons for a lower set ring include, smaller gemstones, convenience and size of your fingers.

This Opal Wedding Ring is Low Set to protect the Inlay Opals

Rose Gold Wedding Ring

This Re-Set Wedding Diamond Was Set Low so it Wouldn't be 'Catchy'

Medium Set

With medium you show off your gemstone but don't reach for the stars in height.

Each Diamond is Raised above the Main Shank of the Ring, but the Whole effect is Easy to Wear

Fifty Year Old Diamond

This Vintage Ring is a Nice Medium Height

High Set

Sometimes setting your gemstone up a bit higher than usual creates the look you love.

Setting it higher gives you more room to design gorgeous details in the gallery. (Side view below center design.)

Classic Low Band, High Halo Setting, Side View

High Set with Beautiful Gallery Details

Final Words

It's amazing how many permutations there are in jewelry design. And it's funny, but these little details like width and height can make a real difference in how your ring complements your hand. Figuring out your jewelry personality is not just fun to do, but makes sure your jewelry makes you look and feel great.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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6 years ago

Thanks again for another interesting and informative post. I have never considered teaming white and rose metals together, but I will now because after looking at the photos in your blog post, they look gorgeous together.