Renewal of Vows Rings – Why You Need New Rings


Ruby and Diamond Etruscan Ring

Debra’s Renewal of Vows Ring

Debra and Paul were already married when I met them. They had both changed a lot over the years and had a great sense of humor.

Their Renewal of vows was the loving celebration that honored who they became.

Singing the Praises of Renewal of Vows Rings

It’s a beautiful thing to do. Renewing your vows creates a very happy moment in your married life. A carefully thought out piece of jewelry is one of the best ways to symbolize this milestone in your life.

When you choose to renew your vows, why not create a lasting symbol of jewelry look at and remember that special day?

It’s a Happy Reminder of Love!

Often special jewelry is an entry way to a conversation; whether it’s with family, friends or perfect strangers. You’ll tell your renewal of vows story many times.

Now you’ll have this tangible and beautiful symbol to wrap your story around.

Everyone Loves a Love Story

Especially  for your family, your story means a lot. Your renewal of vows jewelry has value far above the gems and metals that went into it. It’s a symbol and rises into the priceless category of jewelry for what it stands for.

Six Ways You Can Use Jewelry to Celebrate Your Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Two Tone Flexible Ring for Comfort

Paul’s Flexible Ring, That Solved the “I Don’t Like the Way Rings Feel” Problem.

1. You can redesign your wedding ring.
2. You can exchange the center diamond you were married in for a larger one.
3. You can make a companion ring that snugs up to your existing wedding ring and adds to its beauty.
4. You can make a pendant with a diamond or colored gemstone in a heart shape or design that symbolizes your renewal of vows.
5. Because you are choosing to renew vows, I recommend that your jewelry be custom made. You know each other better now and can dream up something unique to your relationship.
6. In addition to crafting your ceremony to really speak to you, also craft your special jewelry memory.

Debra and Paul and Their Rings

Paul gave Debra a larger diamond and a ruby to match the one she wanted to use in the renewal of vows ring. It came from a ring Paul gave her years ago that wasn’t being worn much anymore.

 Ruby and Diamond Slide in Yellow Gold

Debra’s Ruby and Diamond Necklace Honoring her Mother

Paul knew that ruby is the gemstone of love and romance. Ruby also happens to be Debra’s birthstone. So Rubies had to be part of their renewal of vows ring for her.

While we were designing their renewal of vows rings, Debra said she’d love to honor her mother whom she lost at the age of 15. Using the only piece of jewelry she had from her mother, a gold wedding band, we used rubies and diamonds to make this necklace. This made it feel like her mother was there and giving her blessing to the renewal of vows.

Paul hadn’t been comfortable in traditional hard rings. So we came up with the flexible design that he will wear and like. Debra was thrilled that he’d be wearing a wedding ring.

I’m so Lucky

I love that I met Debra and Paul and made their custom rings. Debra and Paul are so special and they remind me why it’s so important to hold on to your friends, especially when they are our spouses.

Your Personal Jeweler,



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12 years ago

I’m so excited to see our rings and my favorite pendant! I call my ring my “crown”. Paul shows his ring off to his buddies and with their positive responses he finds it pleasurable to wear. It’s so unique! I don’t miss my first wedding ring a bit. Guess someday Calla will do her magic creating something memorable!!