Wedding Band Lost and Found

This Facebook Post Led to Greg Lindsay Being Reunited With His Lost Wedding Ring Two Years After He Lost it

Facebook Post Finds Lost Man for Wedding Ring. A short while ago a local resident, Jenn Ja Birchim, posted on her Facebook page that she’d found a gold wedding ring at Ellwood Beach near Santa Barbara.

On the inside it had a particular inscription, “My Love, My Life, My Lobster,” which intrigued her.

Two Years and Many Waves Later

Two years after it was lost Jenn found it. She was intrigued by the inscription. It was from a "Friends" episode.

She was curious who loved "my lobster." Jenn's Facebook post went viral and the original owners, Sarah and Greg Lindsay of Ojai, were reunited with their lost loose wedding ring.

That was amazing enough, but the newsworthy story also blasted nationwide in its own viral way  and everybody ended up on Good Morning America! I first saw the article in Santa Barbara's own EdHat.

ABC News covering this story:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

A Happy Ending or a Cautionary Tale?

Jenn Ja Birchim Found Sarah and Greg Lindsay's Two Year Lost Wedding Ring, loose wedding ring

Jenn Ja Birchim Found Sarah and Greg Lindsay's Two Year Lost Wedding Ring

Despite the happy ending and the husband’s “ in humanity,” all this could possibly have been avoided had he been wearing the correctly sized ring to begin with. I don’t know what the percentage of husbands vs wives who have lost their loose wedding rings, but from my observation as a beach town jeweler, I would say be it’s pretty high.

Quiet Mystery, Why do so Many Men Lose Their Wedding Rings?

Unlike women, I have replaced many a man’s lost wedding band over the years. The question is then: Why do so many husbands lose their wedding rings? The answer to the question is two-fold.

Too loose wedding band

This Band is Comfortable and Too Loose

A wedding ring is often the first ring a man ever wears. At first, it can feel kind of “weird” and “tight.” Particularly because of this “tightness” feeling, there is a tendency for him to get a ring in a size that is a little loose-fitting, or what he'd call "comfortable." Often, he gravitates toward a size that will slip easily on and off the finger. Big mistake!!!

How Should That Man's Ring Really Feel for a Correct Fit?

Rings for guys should be a little tough to get on and off. Especially, the getting off part. Typically, a guy should have to rock a ring back and forth in maneuvering it over his knuckle. If he has to lubricate the process with a little water..all the better!

The other part of the equation has to do with the circumference of the knuckle compared to the circumference of the base of the finger where the ring rests. A large knuckle often acts as a kind of barricade, preventing a ring from inadvertently slipping off the finger.

If the knuckle and the base of the finger are the same circumference however, it becomes much easier for a ring to slide off accidentally. Men with fingers like this should pay special attention to making sure they wear extra-snug rings. The finger of this type will develop a little dent area where the ring will comfortably rest. This usually takes a maximum of three weeks to develop.

Dangerous Places For Guys to Wear a Loose Fitting Wedding Ring

No longer loose wedding ring

This is Exactly How This Wedding Band Should Look on Him. He Lost the First One in the Ocean

Men (and women) should be extra careful about wearing their rings anywhere they might come into contact with cold water. Places would include, the beach, the lake and skiing areas. This guy has a properly fitting ring after losing his first one in the Caribbean.(Blog Post)

If you’re currently wearing a ring that easily slips on and off your finger, try leaving it on your dresser before engaging in any of these activities.  Cold shrinks your finger a bit. A ring that would normally be ‘a bit loose’ on a normal day can turn on a wet and cold hand, into a lost ring. It just slips off.

So guys! Don’t be afraid to get a ring that feels a little tight. If that size 10 ring at the jewelry store feels “good,” man-up and try on the 9 ½!

Is This You?

Do you now wonder if your ring is too loose? Size it smaller, now! You can always size it up larger years from now if you need to. The good news is you won't have lost it!

Check out my blog post, establishing your correct finger size.

The Size it Right Jeweler,
Calla Gold


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Lisa Darsonval
6 years ago

What an amazing story! I love that our community shared her post and worked together to get the ring to its rightful owner. And it is sweet to have their own little joke inscribed on the ring. Hopefully all the men out there learned from this and are getting their rings sized properly!

Mark at Serendipity Diamonds
Mark at Serendipity Diamonds
6 years ago

Calla, this is a delightful story. Really enjoyable to read, and great to see the original reference within the video. I also love the fact you’ve followed this up with some genuinely sound advice. (I completely agree with this – we’ve experienced a fair few grooms who’ve almost lost their wedding rings on honeymoon in the swimming pool.) Great article.
Mark at Serendipity Diamonds in the UK

6 years ago

I loved this story of a ring lost and found. The odds of this man being reunited with his loose ring were microscopic. And yet a local woman, observant, curious and active on Facebook made a miracle happen. I appreciated you weaving your advice about why that may have happened in the first place in. Personally I’ve noticed how rings can suddenly feel tight or loose, depending on my diet, the temperature, etc. I hate it when my rings spin around and the gem ends up on the bottom rather than on top ;( I’ll check the fit on mine… Read more »

Chris Turner
6 years ago

Did you know that there is a directory of metal detecting specialists that are helping people find their lost diamond engagement rings and gold & platinum wedding bands…

We help find your lost Smile!

5 years ago

Men and loose rings. How right u are. U will be pleased that mine are very tight and hard to remove. But your fingers adapt and I forget i have five rings on.