Matte Finish, The Straight Man in Jewelry Design

Calla Gold Jewelry Design Diamond and pearl Etruscan Ring

The Matte Finish Makes the Tiny Diamonds Really Pop

Shine and sparkle are like the punch line in jewelry design. Polished Jewelry is gorgeous, but it's very brightness can make you miss the point.

My husband and I loved  Johnny Carson, yet I see that he needed Ed Mc Mahan as his straight man to make his punch lines sparkle.

Your ring design might need a texture like matte finish as its straight man, to set off it's sparkle, diamonds or design details.

Shine "Pushes" - Matte "Pulls"

If you've got a design with diamonds and design details galore, it's shiny amazing-ness can stop people from focusing on it. It's too much "push."

Put Some "Pull" into Your Jewelry

If you've got a pretty detail in your design, like an impressionistic figure in the gold, like in the pictured bracelet above, consider putting a matte finish around it to pull attention in. Matte finish, like  the straight man in comedy sets off your gems and details. It pulls in your attention.

How to Hide that Diamond Sparkle

The Diamonds in the Field of Shiny Gold do not Stand out as Much as in the Ring at the Top of the Page

The Diamonds in the Field of Shiny Gold do not Stand out as Much as in the Ring at the Top of the Page

Not that  you'd want to hide your diamonds, but sometimes they hide in plain sight because of gold's shine. If you've got a delicate diamond in a field of shiny gold, the gold will compete with the diamond. Its pushy shininess shoulders aside the diamond's sparkle.

It may even make it so the diamond isn't noticed. And we can't have that.

Pull Out the POP With Matte Finishing


Orange Sapphire and Diamond Necklace with matte finish

Matte Finish by the Diamonds Makes Them POP!

Matte the gold around the diamond and let the diamond's sparkle be the push in the piece. Let it glow and pop.

This just one way to shake up your under worn or tired jewelry. Or just make a change in a favorite, just for fun.

Video Examples of Matte Finish

I'm pleased to share my video with examples of more matte finished jewelry.


What's the Takeaway Message Here?

Jewelry that has something to say is more interesting. Is it more exciting? I think so. Use your design detail tools like matte finish to change the focus and punchline in your jewelry.

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Tracey Mikami
Tracey Mikami
13 years ago

Very witty and true analogy…I love how matte and polished surfaces enhance each other. I love the bracelet…very exquisite.

Sue Manseau
Sue Manseau
13 years ago

Your photos really illustrate the concept so beautifully! Great data and very helpful. I will definitely come to you when I need that special piece of jewelry designed or purchased for me.



Lori Cooper
13 years ago

Your article made me think about something new. I love that! Before I had not given a thought to matte jewelry and how it can have such an impact–by not being Johnny Carson.

13 years ago

What a great article and interesting info! I never thought about that before–but of course that’s why you are the expert. I love the necklace in the last piece. Your designs are always sparkling Calla!

13 years ago

Very insightful, I love it!

Daniel Zia
13 years ago

Calla, thanks for sharing another great way to bring out the best in your jewelry, great illustrations as well!