Lord Google You’re the God-Father! It’s a Ring!

White Gold and Cushion Cut Diamond Ring with Trillians

Anne’s New Ring

Do You Love the Internet?

I’m definitely one that does! I love being able to communicate quickly and fluidly online. And I love that I can find what I’m looking for online.

I love that when someone is looking for design ideas that Google exists and that Lord Google shares my design pictures with friends I haven’t met yet.

I can’t wait to read my emails every morning.

My Kind of E-Mail

Cushion Cut Diamond with Trillion Cut Diamonds

Anne’s Ring With the Main Diamonds we Used for Her New Design

Anne emailed me some months ago.

She had typed, “I see that you work with antique jewelry. Could you design something for me incorporating my mixed family diamonds?”

Absolutely Anne!

I adore working on re-purposing of older un-worn jewelry!

The Meet Up

White Gold Watch with Diamonds

The Little Diamonds Came From this Inherited Watch

We met at my club in Santa Barbara. Anne is a blogger, (winenationunderdog.com) and her descriptions of food and wine made me drool. It’s so nice to know something about the person I’m designing jewelry for. And I have to say, I love writers!

First, Anne showed me old diamonds surrounding an inherited watch.

Next, we looked at her more modern trillion-cut diamonds and a beautiful center diamond from a setting that didn’t suit her.

Anne had discovered my blog posts about custom design and they had given her ideas on the kinds of details and design elements that she wanted in a ring.

I learned that she was especially drawn to triangle designs. We designed a ring with multiple triangular elements in it.

She Loved Milgrain Engraving Details

We used hand engraved details throughout the ring design, emphasizing and honoring where the gemstones had come from. Anne liked the idea of the framing milgrain edging so we added this feature.

We Can’t Forget Her Lifestyle in the Design

Triangles in the Side View of Hand Engraved Ring

Triangles are on Display in her new Design. Note the square shank.

We had to keep in mind Anne’s busy, high-tech lifestyle. And her Martial Arts training. Would she always remember to take off her ring first?

I suggested a square shank on the bottom of the ring to help keep it upright.

Anne liked this and we added it to the design. We were finally ready for casting.

Then I Did my Magic Behind the Scenes

Side View of an Engraved Ring with Hand Engraving with triangle designs

Side Detail in full View, Check out the Hand Engraving

The end product was gorgeous! Anne’s grandma was well represented in her beautiful—and meaningful—new ring.

I love the internet. Thank you Lord Google for helping Anne find me!

Anne’s a Writer, So in Her Own Words, Here’s Her Message About Her Ring With a Wine Theme!

“Wine is delicate and constantly evolving.  Uncork a bottle and you’re opening a wonderful time capsule of art, science and history.  Inherited jewelry is similar – it is a tangible reminder of a time, place and person.    While wine is always in flux, diamonds are strong, resilient and resistant to change – much like my grandmother who left me her beloved watch.

Thank you again for taking my grandmother’s gaudy watch and my boring ring and turning them into something fabulous!  You are a star!”

Anne Burns

Thank you Lord Google for helping Anne find me.

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Melissa V.
Melissa V.
13 years ago

I just found the magical story (and lovely testimonial) I was looking for! :) How fun, it made my day!

13 years ago

Beautiful back story behind an absolutely gorgeous ring! I love the engraving, it gives it such style. And those diamonds are beautiful! Lord Google is awesome, I’m glad he hooked you two up.

Santa Barbara Coach
13 years ago

I agree you are a star! How creative of you to turn two antique pieces of jewelry with family diamonds into a fabulous piece of jewelry!
Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach