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No White Gown for This Gothic Bride!


Considering aGothic Jewelry Style for your wedding jewelry? Have you and your fiance been considering a gothic style wedding? All goths and babybats have a tendency toward groaning when they hear about regular, traditional weddings.

All the roses, white wedding gowns, and family members fawning over the cuteness of the couples; not their thing. (So not goth at all!) Surely there has to be some way to get the gothic look that you want at your wedding.

No White Thank You Very Much!

A real goth couple won't be walking down the aisle in a white wedding dress and tux, with the husband to be holding a box with a fancy princess cut diamond ring in it. That wouldn't even come close to a Gothic jewelry style nor please a goth couple at all!

Gothic Wedding Dress on Blonde

Her Black Wedding Dress Flies in the Face of Convention Most Fetchingly.

No, a truly Gothic wedding calls for a woman in a flowing black dress, a man in a long trench coat and black slacks, and hyper fashionable Gothic jewelry bedazzling both man and wife.

The Trappings Of a Gothic Wedding

The trench coat and dress can be easily bought at the right stores, but Gothic jewelry that is actually worth keeping around won't be easy to find - at least if you are looking for jewelry that doesn't seem as if it come from a Halloween store.

Where Not to Go For Your Gothic Wedding Rings

Before we get into getting quality Gothic jewelry, it's best to explain why you shouldn't buy your wedding set from a professional costumer, Alchemy Gothic, or Halloween store.

Gothic Shoe Porn from Dior

A Bit of Gothic Shoe Porn From Dior to Convince You to Go For Quality, Not Costume!

Being goth is all about being yourself, and also about being unique. If you shop at one of the many places which sells mass-produced goth costume jewelry sets, you're very likely to get your engagement jewelry mistaken for costume jewelry.

Moreover, the quality of the costume jewelry you'd find in these kinds of store is shoddy at best, meaning that it will not last for more than 5 months.

Sure, it may be cheaper than a normal jewelry set, but do you really want to sell off your marriage as something as cheap as discount costume jewelry?

Jewelry Shopping For Your Gothic Dream Ring

Gothic Wedding Rings for AJ Mc Lean

Rocker A. J. Mc Lean and his Bride De Anna Karidis Married in Black Diamond Filled Gothic Wedding Rings

If you want to get beautifully Gothic jewelry for your beloved, it's a good idea to skip the Halloween stores, ditch your typical Alchemy Gothic sites, and check out true jewelry shops that specialize in silver, white gold, or platinum jewelry, especially with an antique flair.

Weave in The Tragic if You Can

Antique jewelry often has an elegant, old school design that is hard to find in today's modern jewelry styles.

You get bonus points if you can find an antique ring with a tragic past. Antique engagement rings often have the added benefit of having rubies, emeralds, and sapphires as their central gems instead of the oh, so cliché diamonds.

Today's Rings Styles For Your Gothic Wedding

Opal and Ruby Ring Antique

Between Bad Luck and Their Fragility, Opals Can be Quite the Tragic Choice!

If buying antiques isn't quite your thing, don't worry. There are other ways to get a gothic jewelry ensemble without having to resort to a Halloween store.

Check out some of the newer, contemporary, custom-made engagement rings that are currently on the market.

You can create a steely, futuristic white gold, or platinum ring using a black rhodium finish that harkens forth a day when the future is dark.

Dare to Design Your Dark Love Ring

Scott Kay Wedding Ring, Gothic

Modern Jeweler Scott Kay Has Come Up With This Cool Wedding Band.

Or, you can create a golden ring with an onyx heart that will make a Renaissance romantic couple red with envy. Good jewelry designers are able to make almost any jewelry piece that you can imagine - all you have to do is ask.

Of course, there are other ways to enhance the Gothic flair of jewelry.

If you decide upon a silver engagement jewelry set, you may want to let the silver tarnish before the Big Day. That way, it will have a more spooky, dreary look to it.

Do You Have a Favorite Horror Character?

Calla Gold Jewelry Gothic Engagement Ring

Black Rhodium With Diamonds and Hand Engraving Gives Your Dark Love a Good Look

Having a jewelry set modeled after your favorite horror movie characters or anime show characters can also have the same goth flair as tarnished silver jewelry - it all depends on your personal style, and how goth you want your wedding to be.

Let Your Dark Love Shine

Having a Gothic wedding is definitely a very unique way to celebrate dark love, and you deserve to get the jewelry set that reflects the dark, mysterious, fashionable and utterly one of a kind love that embodies your relationship with your partner.

Gothic Wedding Set with Thorns

Thorns Are a Cool Theme to Include in Your Gothic Wedding Set

Thorns, snakes, bats, vines and other dark themes are fun ways you can personalize your Gothic wedding rings.

Splurge on The Right Rings For Your Gothic Wedding

It's alright to splurge, and it's alright to search long and painfully for the right rings to exchange your vows with.


Gothic Bride and Groom

Express Your Uniqueness on Your Wedding Day and Beyond

You need to take your time when shopping around. After all, you only have one wedding in this life - at least if you believe in the age-old phrase, “Till death do us part!”

Your Dark Jeweler,
Calla Gold

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Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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Linda Havlik
Linda Havlik
7 years ago

I have learned more than I thought possible about Gothic style fine jewelry. And Gothic Wedding Jewelry wear. Calla Gold is an expert on anything “Jewelry” and follows in her name…Golden!

7 years ago

Nowadays, anything goes it seems in the world of the modern family weddings. This Gothic wedding style may just be the new tradition amongst the younger generation in the rock and roll world.
Not sure if it is a trend like tattoos or just part of a new style. Regardless, the rings are edgy ,unique and different, which I prefer. Unique is the new black versus the diamond, so why not!
Kinda digging Gothic style,

Karrinne Galle
7 years ago

Hey Calla,
Another style this would be perfect for is Steam Punk! There is a whole movement of Steam Punk people and I am really loving it! Steam Punk is the new Gothic. It is a combo of Victorian, Mechanical Stuff and Modern Vogue style.
Also another cool genre/style is the Dark Faeries! I always enjoy seeing non-traditional weddings and celebrations featuring these cool themes/styles! I’d love to see more jewelry posted like this!
7 years ago

Gothic weddings….However people want to express their love is OK with me. One thing I am very sure of is that Calla Gold can design the most exciting wedding ring for anyone regardless of their personal style.
I really liked the Gothic brides in your post and the jewelry!

Stephen M.
Stephen M.
7 years ago

Hello Calla Gold,
I really like your thorn wedding set. The dark look is gorgeous and makes it really different. It rocks.
I like off beat designs and this looks really great.

6 years ago

Calla Gold

i am very intrested in learning as much as i can on the jewelry for my big day i want it all specail not perfect as nothing goes exactly according to plan please give me your contact info asap so we can talk thank you

Matthewandannmarie Bellamy
Matthewandannmarie Bellamy
4 years ago

Hi there. 🙂 In all courteousness, we just happily happened upon your nice blog while researching black rhodium for our new set of nice wedding rings this morning–and we love it! In all courteousness, we appreciate you being so nicely enthusiastic, so nicely well informed, so nicely thorough and just, well, so nice. 🙂 In all courteousness, someone nicely mentioned Steampunk earler in these nice comments, and we noticed you may have an interest in nicely designing in that nice style, so to nicely let you know, there some nice Steampunk Conventions and Festivals beginning shortly; in all courteousness, we… Read more »