Donna’s Dogs and Diamonds Rings

Whippets Ring in White Gold With Diamonds. dogs and diamonds

Donna’s Whippets

A Dog’s Life Can be a Good Thing

Donna is an animal lover. She’s rescued a number of whippets and greyhounds over the years.

When she had the urge to have a new piece of jewelry from her Santa Barbara Jeweler, she brought me pictures of her two whippets.

Whippets Have Amazing Faces

Donna’s Whippets look so intelligent and emotional. It was great fun to work with my wax sculptress Peggy Croft, to get Donna’s dog’s faces just right.

I’ve always admired paintings of people’s beloved dogs. Getting to honor them in a piece of jewelry made me so happy.

Dogs and Diamonds, a Match Made in Jewelry Heaven


Donna is so generous to her dogs, so dogs and diamond collars seemed just the thing. And while we were at it how about more diamonds? On the ring of course.

In real life she lives on a ranch and lets them gallop free in their special pasture, startling birds with their amazing speed and grace.

Doggie Details

I used  matte finishing on her dog’s faces to draw your attention to their details and a high polish finish beyond for dramatic effect. I was asked how the details of their faces was reproduced.

I may be an artist, but that level of artistry is beyond me. Peggy Croft, a gifted wax sculptor did their sweet faces.

One is Never Enough


Whippet Dog Ring with Diamonds

Just like pets, one is never enough. We actually made her another whippet ring a few years ago. Here it is to the left.

Donna’s Review:

“Having only the dogs’ heads in a matte finish sets them off fantastically. It makes a world of difference!  The diamonds, of course, add their own beauty.  My dogs are now the center focal point of my look.Thanks for the great work!”


Do You Have a Dog You Love?

I’m ready and excited to make more beloved pet jewelry.

Your Personal Jeweler,

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Tamra Gentry
13 years ago

Calla, I LOVE Whippets, and I LOVE what you did with this project. Kudos to you!

Donna Lowe
Donna Lowe
13 years ago


Even men comment on the beauty and individuality of the sighthound rings. It’s a pleasure to give them your name or business card.

13 years ago

That is wonderful! I love the idea! And everyone loves animals, especially companion ones. I can see how that would translate beautifully into jewelry. I’m not surprised Donna’s doggies are getting attention even from the men.

Great work Calla!

Santa Barbara Coach
13 years ago

Research shows that our pets bring so much love into our lives that we are healthier and happier as a result. Since jewelry is all about love, honoring our furry loved one with a dog and diamond ring is a wonderful way to appreciate the love they bring into our lives!
Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach
13 years ago

Pets bring so much love into our lives jewelry is all about love, and it would make sense to have Calla Gold create the most beautiful doggie diamond ring so that every day it reminds us of the gift of love our animals bring to us.

Caitlyn Williams
Caitlyn Williams
10 years ago

OMG!!! So beautiful… I have a Whippet and will begin breeding them and I absolutely love these rings! Must have been expensive….

Donna Highsmith
Donna Highsmith
6 years ago

Just absolutely beautiful. I love the ring you made for Donna. My name is also Donna & my husband and I have two Italian greyhounds. I would love to have a ring made of my two furbabies. I would be one of your distant clients since I live in Georgia. Please let me know if you are interested and send me the details on how this could be a reality. Thanks so much, Donna