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Multi gemstone ring with smiling woman

Happy with Her New Texture

Changing the texture of your ring makes it new and different. Are you a candidate for changing the texture of your ring?

You may not even know. From shiny to matte, from smooth to hammered, there are many ways to change up a piece of your jewelry by adding texture to it.

I’m sharing one woman’s fun texture change and at the end of her story, showing other pictures of texture to inspire you.

Four Reasons to Consider Changing the Texture of Your Ring

Multi Textured Multi-colored sapphires Ring in yellow gold by Calla Gold

Her Ring with its Original High Polish Finish

1. Do you have a ring you’re not quite as excited about as you used to be?

2. Could you use to maybe change things up a bit?

3. Do you have jewelry you don’t wear any more—or at least not as much as you used to?

4. Do you have a ring you wear daily, but would like to change it slightly to add spice?

Are Jewelers Immune to Needing a Change in Their Jewelry?

changing the texture of your ring Matte finished multi-colored sapphire ring by Calla Gold

Ring After Matte Finish Applied, It Really Gave it a Whole New Fun Look

No siree, since I’ve become a Jeweler, I’m way more likely to change some details on my jewelry.

I’ve enjoyed this so much that I’ve shared the results with my clients. A lot. We talk. It’s safe to say my clientele have become braver about making changes to their jewelry since I have.

Just like clothing—and in some cases, boyfriends—jewelry can become tired, dated or you can just take it for granted. Adding a different texture to the surface of a ring can turn it from bland to interesting again.

I did a Video About it!

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a new and different look by adding a matte finish to a high polish ring.


Matte Finish Made a Coin Frame Sing

coin bezel

Matte Finish Let’s the Coin Sing

When dealing with older coins, they often don’t shine. A high polished typical coin bezel will overpower and diminish the impact of a subtle older coin.

For this beautiful Greek coin my client liked the matte finish idea. Since her coin was very thick we opted to do a complete bezel that encompassed the whole side.

We wanted to honor the uneveness of the coin’s edge and so made it uneven as well.

Twig texture Gives an Organic and Unique Flair

Ring Style

The Engagement Ring has the Twig Texture. The Wedding Band has a Matte Finish

When going with a more rustic design, pulling in a texture from nature can add a nice dimension and finishing touch.

This ruby ring set with a twig texture turned out to be a wonderful wedding set.

We used an actual twig as the inspiration for the texture. Our original idea was to have the twig texture on the wedding ring as well. However we couldn’t have the diamonds and the twig texture.

Hammer Finish for a Christian Cross Nail Ring

A Good Hammer Finish Gives the Look of Antiquity and Meaning

This engagement ring is modeled after a nail of the type used on the cross. The head of the nail holds part of the diamond and the end of the nail holds the other part.

The nail needed to have a handmade look. As nails from Christ’s time we all hand made.

Putting the hammer finish on this ring was the finish that gave it the gravitas of age and made it beautiful.

Texture That You Design in

This Texture is Created Before the Ring is Cast

The textures I’ve shown you so far can be done after the ring is made. I wanted to share a very cool ring idea my client came up with.

She wanted a leopard spot vibe with a heart hidden in there once in a while for her wedding band.

This was a texture that needed to be deep to give the impact the design deserved. This particular textural design was created in the wax before casting her ring.

A Kiss of Matte Texture Makes a Difference

changing the texture of your ring

A Kiss of Matte Sets off the High Polish Beautifully

I love a high polished finish. And its the most popular finish of all. In this ring example we used just a small amount of matte finish to create depth.

It also makes the high polish finish more special, having the matte as a counterpoint.

Fire Creates Texture Too

Gold pendant with a molten gold finish - Calla Gold jewelry

Molten Textured Finish with Oxidation

My client Mary had three special and small family diamonds she wanted to honor. They were in spindly worn old school rings. That wasn’t her dog loving, outdoorsy nature.

We decided on a pendant and she said make it like stars in the heavens. Nothing could have excited me more than creating an abstract night sky.

I used open flame in the cast pendant till it bubbled, then drilled holes and set the three diamonds and finished with a rubbed oxidation finish.

Celebrate the Possible

I hope you’ll take a chance and consider changing the texture of your ring. It’s a blast!

I’m happy to help!


Your Personal Jeweler,

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Tracey M.
Tracey M.
11 years ago

Calla Gold Jewelry is doing videos! I love that. Getting to see what you look like is fun. Calla, you are how I imagined you on paper.
The texture changing project you showed was great. I love that multi-sapphire ring. The differing shapes in the gems and the ring itself makes it so unique.Your client is so lucky!

Executive Coach
11 years ago

What a great idea for updating your jewelery. It would never have occurred to me to try that, but I am going to think about it!

Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

jimmi jio
11 years ago

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunshine. I am in India. I like your Jewelry blog with it’s information on jewelry design and changing your jewelry.
Calla Gold Jewelry is a nice American Jeweler. I’ll come back to visit again.
Jimmi Jio

11 years ago

Whoa! That is one fancy, fun ring! Saaay, that kinda describes you too!

Dr. Lynn K. Jones
11 years ago

Goodness gracious! That Calla Gold Jewelry designed ring is gorgeous and your personality shines through in this blog as always. This is really interesting–we’ll have to chat about if I should be game for some change!

Patricia Dugan
11 years ago

Hi Calla,

That is SUCH an amazing ring. I love pieces that have complexity…although I am not opposed to a huge rock and simple band. (guys, listen up!;). Calla Gold you have such expertise in your field and your blogs are really informative. Thanks! Patricia

11 years ago

Calla Gold Jewelry, I’m digging this post! I love how such a small change made that ring look updated and sophisticated. I think the change was a huge improvement. Nice video too!

Sue M.
Sue M.
11 years ago

Calla Gold I like your retexturing idea. I like to change my jewelry around. Your ideas and the before and after jewelry pictures really inspire me to make change in my jewelry collection.
Thanks for the video, I’m a visual person and that’s a pretty great easy way to get inspired.
I love my jewelry and this just made me itch for change!