Peace,Hiking,Looking Your Best…and Jewelry

Peace on Earth And Look Good!


When I was younger—before I was a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer—a friend invited me to fly to Oregon with her to march for peace with her favorite organization. She said to bring a sleeping bag and comfy clothes. We were young and we wouldn't be staying at the Ritz.

The march was great, but I have to admit…after a while, I wanted to do something more interesting. I asked the organizers if there was something else I could do. Please! Put me to work! No more marching!

Behind the Scenes with the Movers and Shakers for Peace

They gave me odd jobs and liked my enthusiasm. The next day they asked if I could drive to the airport to pick up a dignitary sympathetic to the cause. The media would be there to interview him.

Unfortunately, all I had to wear were jeans and tee-shirts. Since the press would be there recording everything, they wanted someone who looked sharp and fashionable in front of the camera. They had to choose someone else to make the run to the airport. Bummer!

It Was an Early Life Lesson

What did I learn? I learned to always bring a nice outfit or two—including jewelry!—when I travel. No matter where I'm going.

Rattlesnake Canyon view with Wedding Rings

Jewelry ~ It Goes Everywhere You Do!

Later, I learned that this lesson doesn’t only apply to traveling. It applies to everyday life. It pays to look nice, especially Monday through Friday.

Being Well Dressed Has Brought me Surprising Opportunities

You might be pressed into service on the spur of the moment. I've given impromptu talks when the scheduled speaker couldn’t make it. I’ve MCed events when the regular host came down with a sudden illness.

Jewelry, it's Like the Chrome on Your Car!

It pays to look nice. As a jewelry writer, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that jewelry compliments any outfit and makes it better. Jewelry is like the icing on a cake,  like the chrome on a classic car. Jewelry can elevate an outfit from “ho-hum” to “oh-yeah!”

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings on a Hiking Boot

Hiking with Our Rings

Here’s the Hiking Part:

I was hiking with my husband one hot summer afternoon in the mountains behind Santa Barbara when we encountered a group trying to find their way to “The Meadow” above Rattlesnake Canyon.

While my husband gave directions to the group leader, I chatted with another hiker. I was wearing shorts, a tee-shirt, hiking boots, a hat, and of course… my jewelry! I told the guy I was a jeweler and gave him my name and never thought I’d ever see him again.

Wide Band White Gold Semi Bezel and Diamond Ring

This is the Ring I Made for the Hiker I Met in Rattlesnake Canyon

Five years later he called me to make a custom wedding ring for his bride! He had remembered my name and the jewelry I had been wearing. It just goes to show…  Right?

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About Calla Gold

Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces.   Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

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12 years ago

You are so right about looking your best at all times-if you can! Having an over night cases with nice spare clothes is very smart and opens up opportunities that you might otherwise miss.

In my teens, when I was a full blown Hippie, my Dad always stressed that it was important to look your best and make a good first impression. Back then I was a rebel, and looking like the establishment was NOT cool. I thought he was nuts, but he was so right.

That was a very cool story-5 years later!!! Who would have thunk!!!!

Ali O.

Santa Barbara Coach
12 years ago

You know, I recently came to the same conclusion–different logic. I so rarely get dressed up anymore, even for work, that I was never wearing my jewelry. I decided that life was too short and that I should change my mindset, I don’t have to be “dressed up” to wear jewelry. Now every day is an opportunity to wear jewelry that I love. Pearls and diamonds with a tee shirt? I say, why not?
Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

12 years ago

Santa Barbara would be the place for you to discover all of this and more. Makeup sometimes isn’t always a necessity but looking your best can be accomplished by a pair of earrings or a ring or bracelet. Speaking of hiking in Santa Barbara; such a fan! I love going there to just hit the trails for a few days and do the nature thing. I’ll make sure to look into your jewelry the next time I am in town. I’ll be staying at the South Coast Inn ( Too Excited!

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12 years ago

Stories of How Wearing Jewelry Makes a Difference in Life is a nice write-up. I will spend more time exploring this issue.