One Watch Makes Two Pendants and a Bracelet

It Can Be Hard to Let Go of an Old Piece of Jewelry That's Not Working Anymore. Image - Wikimedia

It Can Be Hard to Let Go of an Old Piece of Jewelry That’s Not Working Anymore.
Image – Wikimedia

What Do You Do With a Watch That’s too Small to Tell Time?

That is what started this very fun project with Ruth. “I love the watchband itself. I’d love to somehow use it as a bracelet, but it’s too small if I remove the watch. I can’t really use the watch because the numbers are too small to read.”

A Very Cool Project

Picture of gold watch band with center monogram instead of a watch

Little Diamonds Were Worked Into the Monogrammed Centerpiece

We separated the watch from the band portion that we wanted to re-use.

We decided to make up for the lost length by hand making an open monogram with hand engraving to create a new bracelet.

The watch had some tiny diamonds around it. It had been a gift from her husband. I worked in her tiny diamonds into the monogram.

Saving Engraving, Because the Message Means so Much

oval gold shine pendant

Custom Made Oval Piece Connects to Watch Case with Family Diamonds and Sapphire

A Special Engraving on the Watch Back was Preserved as a Pendant

A Special Engraving on the Watch Case Back was Preserved as a Pendant

Her husband had engraved a message on the back of the watch case and Ruth wanted to preserve that in some way.

We decided to create a pendant that had the engraved back watch case connected to a new custom made oval piece. I incorporated diamonds and a birth gem into the new custom section which faces front with the engraved and saved section of her watch closest to her heart.

Ruth's Watch Mechanical Pendant

Ruth’s Watch Mechanicals Pendant

What About the Watch Itself?

Since we were having so much fun using every part of Ruth’s watch we decided to use the inside part too. I laser welded a curving piece that’d hold her watch’s mechanical parts to a bail for a chain to go through.

It looks just great on her.

Dogs and Jewelry

Watch Dog

Ruth’s Cute Dachhound Looking Adorable

Ruth and Her Cutey Pie Pup, Who Approves of Her New Bracelet

Ruth and Her Cutey Pie Pup, Who Approves of Her New Bracelet

I love Ruth’s cute dogs and I had to include them in this post for all my dog loving and jewelry loving friends.

How You Can Add Meaning

I loved sharing how it was done, but more important I’d like to share why it was so meaningful.

from watch to bracelet

A Close Up of Ruth’s Monogram Bracelet

Ruth loved everything we made, but the pendant with the engraving from her husband was the most moving emotionally.

Next time you give a jewelry gift, think about adding some element to add meaning or message to it. See if there is something like an engraved message or a meaningful gemstone that can personalize it. Little touches in a piece of jewelry add to its story. The piece of jewelry with a story is elevated to priceless.

Dog Loving Jeweler,
Calla Gold


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Dr. Lynn K. Jones
8 years ago

Wow Calla — I’m always so impressed with how you can re-purpose things like this! I kinda wish I had a cute little watch I could do something like that too. Ruth’s watchband is gorgeous. My favorite thing about it is that watch bands like that have such nice easy to use clasps. What are those clasp types called? And I love the cute dog pics 🙂

Tracey B
Tracey B
8 years ago

Seeing how many beautiful wearable pieces came from one not worn watch is pretty remarkable.
This is the kind of news I like to see. Something I can use in my life.
Keep up your good jewelry news Calla.

Linda Havlik
8 years ago

Calla, I am always so impressed by your creativity and ability to look beyond the face value of jewelry items. You are an inspiration! I love what you did with this watch.

8 years ago

What a wonderful idea, Calla! This can also be a solution for dividing cherished inherited jewelry among children.