Family Crest Jewelry Projects for Sons and Daughters

Felicia’s Story

Family Jewelry, the Gift of Connection

Felicia felt the sadness of seeing her two boys off to college and her daughters weren’t far behind. She asked me initially if I could make duplicate rings with the family crest for her boys using her husband’s as a model.

I love being a Santa Barbara Jeweler, and I LOVE being able to offer creative ideas for jewelry design that turns spend into a heartfelt investment.

Family Crest jewelry - Ring in Yellow Gold

Felicia's Husband's Crest Ring

What About the Girls?

It seemed like a really nice gift to remind them of the love and connection to their family. But I had to say it, “what about the girls? What about you?”

“Oh, I don’t know, what should we do?” She asked.

“Family crest jewelry in a more feminine version for you and the girls, but yours should be a tad bigger, because you’re the mom. We could even give it an old fashioned element.”

“Like what?”

And just like that the idea of the crest pendant with tiny seed pearls around it to feminize it was born.

A Most Excellent Christmas Gift That Will Never Be Exchanged

On Christmas morning everyone except her husband got a piece of family crest jewelry. He got some golf clubs. (He was cool with that!)

Family crest jewelry

Felicia's Family Crest Pendant with Seed Pearls

Christmas is a great time to give a group family jewelry gift, because you are all together and you really make a memory by being together. Family jewelry is a wonderful symbol of the glue that holds our families together.

Include the Newer Members of Your Family

Felicia’s family jewelry gifts were given a number of years ago. We just did a family crest with pearls pendant for her son’s young wife. She felt so included in the family and it was a really happy thing for her to receive this gift.

Everyone in the family always wears theirs at all the family gatherings. I love hearing about it and seeing the pictures.

What can you do with your family crest?
Think about it.


How to Find Your Family Crest. Click on the link, the words Family Crest. (My first link ever in my new blog. Woo Hoo!)

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13 years ago

How luxurious to have a family crest. I had never thought of that idea. Youare brillo Calla! Now to follow the link you suggest to find my family crest. Hope a sordid and wicked past is revealed!

13 years ago

It’s beautiful, Calla! And what a family tradition! That’ll get passed down and replicated for quite some time!