What to Look For in a Good Jeweler; Knowledge, Skills, and Likeability

Squinty Eyed Girl

Does She Know What You Need in an Engagement Ring Design?

Is the Jeweler in Front of You a Good Jeweler?

How do you really know if Cindy, manning the store jewelry counter in the mall, is worth her salt? Does she really know what’s best for your twenty-five year old wedding ring?

Can she speak intelligently on the strengths and weaknesses of particular engagement rings? How experienced is she? Should you trust her? Should you work with the girl?

Starting with gemstones, I’m going to help you in the evaluation process.


Using a Loupe Properly Shows You What the Jeweler Sees in Your Diamond

Their Gemstone Knowledge Should Include…

A good jeweler should know about different kinds of gemstones. They should be able to speak to their colors, hardness’s, and different qualities.

Although they may not have a certificate from the GIA, (Gemological Institute of America), a good jeweler should be well versed in the 4C’s of diamonds and be able to speak about the pros and cons and prices of different grades of diamonds.
A good jeweler should know the difference between carats and karats and be able to procure and replace gemstones.

Finally, a good jeweler should always have a loupe. A jeweler without a loupe is like a chef without a knife.

Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

The Color and Clarity of These Baguette Diamonds Makes a Difference

Their Grasp of Your Ring Needs Ought to Encompass….

A good jeweler should be very knowledgeable about wedding and engagement ring design.

They should know what features you’re going to need to consider, both aesthetically and durability-wise.
Properly sizing a ring should be second nature to a good jeweler.

They should also be able to offer solutions to rings that spin and rings that are hard to get on and off.

Jewelry Repair Should be a Focus Not an Afterthought

A good jeweler should be able to look at your jewelry and be able to tell you specific areas that need fixing.

Six Things Your Jeweler Should Look for in Your Ring Upon Inspection:

  1. worn prongs
  2. cracks in gems
  3. weakness in shanks
  4. chips in your channels
  5. broken or compromised clasps in bracelets and necklaces
  6. any areas that look thin or worn that look like they might break in the near future
A good jeweler should be able to have your jewelry fixed.
A good jeweler should also be able to offer solutions on what to do with old, inherited jewelry and jewelry you no longer wear.
Drop Earrings, drooping off ear lobe

Thin Ear Lobes and Long Wire Posts Don’t Mix

Six Things Your Jeweler Should Know About Earrings

A good jeweler should be able to address problems with ears and earrings. Problems like:

  1. earrings that hang wrong or point toward the pavement
  2. choosing earring wearing solutions if you have enlarged ear holes
  3. what to do if you have the wrong kind of earring backings
  4. how to handle broken earring posts
  5. what to do with clips that are too tight or too loose
  6. what earring choices you have, wire backs, french clip backs, posts and lever backs

These are just some of the issues a good jeweler should be able to deal with.

Heart Pink Sapphire Ring with Special Finishes, Calla Gold Jewelry

This Fabulous Multi-Sapphire Ring Shows Off Matte, Hammering and Antiqued Finishes

Miscellaneous Things Your Good Jeweler Should Know About

A good jeweler should know about the different kinds of finishes on jewelry, including: matte, shiny, antiquing and hammered finishes.

A good jeweler should be able to replace broken clasps and suggest replacements for inappropriate  or uncomfortable ones.
A good jeweler should be able to address restringing pearl and beaded necklaces. They should know about knotting versus no knotting, and French wire finishes.
Two Women Talking about a Ring

Calla Explaining to Lisa the Jewelry Fixing Technique for Her Grandmother’s Ring

Bonus Section! The Exceptional Jeweler

An exceptional jeweler has superior fashion sense and knows what looks good on you.

A really good jeweler has an informative and easy to navigate website.

I’m not sure this is really a “bonus” and not a requirement, but a really good jeweler should be likable and easy to communicate with. Who wants to work with someone they can’t along with and don’t like?

Finally, it doesn’t hurt if your jeweler has a bit of a romantic streak in them. Because you love your jewelry and a lot of jewelry is given with love.

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  1. Tracey M. on April 23, 2013 at 9:36 am

    I really like the points a good jeweler needs to know about inspecting your jewelry, repairing your jewelry and that they need to have fashion sense to do custom designing.
    I gotta say I’ve seen some pretty hideous and dated ‘new’ custom designs recently and now I know how to characterize those designing jewelers – NOT good jewelers.
    This is really good advice.

    • Calla Gold on April 24, 2013 at 6:24 am

      Hello Tracey,
      Thank you for weighing in on your experience lately with the good, the bad and the ugly. Good Jewelers will save you from the last two!
      Calla Gold

  2. Sue on June 30, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    I like Calla Gold Jewelry and Calla Gold is a superior jeweler. If you read about what to look for in a jeweler, she has the attributes you want.
    She has helped me select the jewelry I reach for.
    Calla has fixed my jewelry for years and redesigned a couple of inherited pieces. Needless to say I wasn’t wearing them and I am now.
    I recommend Calla Gold and Calla Gold Jewelry.
    Sue M. in Santa Barbara, 25 year client of Calla Gold Jewelry!

    • Calla Gold on July 9, 2013 at 7:33 am

      Hi Sue,
      Way to completely make my day. Thank you for being my long term client and sharing your jewelry collection with me and letting me help you add to it!
      Your Happy to be a Longterm Jeweler,

  3. Jade Brunet on August 15, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    A friend of mine will soon be getting engaged and he is looking to find a good jeweler to select his sweetheart’s engagement ring. Thank you for informing me that the ring should be fully inspected before leaving the shop. I will inform my friend. Another thing to think about is if the person really cares about what you are looking for in a ring.

    • Calla Gold on August 15, 2016 at 9:29 pm

      Hello Jade,
      You make a good point here. Hopefully he knows what to look for and cares about the quality.
      Your Personal Jeweler,

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