Nov 19

Calla Gold Jewelry Featured in Social Media Book: “8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success”

By Calla Gold

The 8 Mandates for Social Media Success

Calla Gold Jewelry is Featured in This Book!

Teenager Induced  Fame

In 2009 my teenage son Dan’s cries for change in my static website and call to join the 21st century and get social online bore fruit. I decided to change my old fashioned jeweler ways.

Fast forward to November 2012 when my business got featured in a book!

Calla Gold Jewelry was featured in a book titled “8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success,” by Kent Huffman. He’s founder of Social Media Marketing Magazine.

My Very Own Before and After Story in a book with IBM and Frontier Airlines!

This book profiles my success story as a “jeweler without walls” in business for more than 25 years. The story also includes the creation of Calla Gold Jewelry’s social centric website and my use of social media strategy. Click here to read entire story.

How Did This Happen? And Who Helped Me?

Lorrie Thomas Ross and Calla Gold

Lorrie Thomas Ross and me Holding Her Book

I discovered Web Marketing Therapy at a Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship event where founder Lorrie Thomas Ross was the speaker.

Her marketing message resonated with me and her clear call to action prompted me to pick up the phone. (My son groans, “you could have emailed her or texted her. Do you even know how to text?” I refuse to answer that question.)

My Steps Into the New Online Social Business World

The marketing evaluation and program I got from WMT set in motion a change of monumental proportion. Though I specialized in wedding and engagement rings, most young couples didn’t know I existed.

Calla Gold Jewelry Brand color

New Brand Color and Look

After Lorrie helped me launch my jewelry blog and created a new brand look and dynamic website, the young couples started calling.

Well actually they emailed and texted me. (Yes I’ve reluctantly learned to text.)

Love in the Arctic! And the EU!

Since my new website went live, I’ve co-founded a Social Media Networking group (SMART) and gone fully social online as a custom designing jeweler.

arctic diver, Lewis Pugh

Arctic Client Diving into Custom Jewelry Design with Calla Gold Jewelry

I’ve also gone international with custom wedding jewelry clients from all over the world including the European Union and the Arctic Circle.

I feel like I just won the, “Social Media Queen for a Day” trophy! Thanks Dan for starting it all. I’ll text you!

Calla Gold
PS. You can buy the book, “8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success.”

18 thoughts on “Calla Gold Jewelry Featured in Social Media Book: “8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success”

  1. Calla,
    You are a social media superstar! The team at Web Marketing Therapy LOVES advising and supporting you.

    Seeing you highlighted in this social media book rocks our web marketing world!

    What a social web adventure you have had…you are truly a jeweler without walls.
    Virtual marketing hugs,

  2. Calla,

    All of us at WMT have LOVED seeing you become a social media goddess! Keep on rocking the social media web world!


  3. Authentic, funny, smart and vivacious! That’s Calla Gold 🙂 Congratulations on your success story being featured. Your online journey has been one wild ride and I am so proud of you.

    Darla Bea

    • Hello Kent,
      I’m so delighted to hear from you. As you can imagine I have bought multiple copies of your fine book to share with clients, friends and family.
      Calla Gold

  4. Way to go Calla Gold! You deserve all your success! How did the Arctic Circle client find you and what were you able to do for that long distance person?

    • Hello Kymberly,
      My Arctic circle client found me on the internet. He found an image and followed it to a blog post on designing rings. He then emailed me. It was pretty exciting to be communicating to the arctic circle.
      I cannot reveal exactly what we are doing in case this comment thread is monitored by someone he loves!
      Thank you for your kind words Kymberly!
      Calla Gold

  5. Calla Gold, you are not only the best jeweler and not just in Santa Barbara, but you are a social media queen!

  6. Fantastic article on your inclusion in Mr. Huffman’s fine book on social media marketing .Much thanks again to you for sharing.
    I like how active you are online and in the social media world. Awesome.

    • Thank you Scott for checking out Kent’s book. I’m pretty excited at how this crazy online world is taking me in and raising me up!

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