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Feb 19

The Chinese Year of the Dog Since February 16 was Chinese New Years and 2018 is the year of the dog, I thought I’d reprise an earlier post on this beloved canine. Especially since I was born in the year of the dog! And just so you know, according to Chinese astrologists, those born in […]

Feb 10

There is a Huge Difference Between Fine Jewelry and Costume Jewelry In this post I’ll talk about the difference between costume jewelry and fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is made with valuable metal such as gold and platinum and is set with natural, precious gemstones. Funnily enough cultured pearls are considered a “gemstone.” Therefore they are […]

May 6

This Jewelry Stylist Wants You to Look Your Very Best After speaking on “Image, Self-Confidence and Success” last week at Antioch University of Santa Barbara  I’m in the mood speak as a jewelry stylist on what your jewelry should do for you. It has a job!

Apr 27

High Fashion vs. Your Personal Style Fashion icons and trend setters like Sarah Jessica Parker influence fashion trends with outfits and accessories that use color and style to create big effects. Using the interplay of their clothing and accessories fashion trendsetters are able to tell a story about themselves while dictating what is considered up […]

Feb 18

Hollywood and Vampires Influence Jewelry Fashion The archetypes of Hollywood entertainment from the innocent “angel” to the darker vampire themes have laid their stamp on the jewelry styles of  2013. We’re seeing angelic, delicate and innocent gem colors with a soft diaphanous translucence to those colors this spring. And there are darker elements making our […]

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