Wedding Rings and Bands

Succulent plant displaying a wedding ring by Calla Gold|Wedding ring with rows of pave leading to three main diamonds by Calla Gold Jewelry|Wedding Rings His and Hers in With Acorns|Ring with an Agave||

Wedding Rings, Sexy Succulents and Star Trek

Sexy Succulents so go With Wedding Rings Who doesn’t think of those cactus-like, sandy soil-loving, drought resistant, easy-to-grow sexy plants when getting married, right? When this California jeweler is designing wedding rings of course I think succulents! Succulents and weddings go together like milk and cookies. Like popcorn and butter. Like Ken and Barbie. Like…

Design Your Wedding Ring – Aaron’s Story

Design Your Wedding Ring A short while ago, graphic designer, Aaron Roessler called me up. In young hip guy fashion, he’d found me, the Santa Barbara Jewelry designer on the internet. He told me he’d finally put ink to paper and drawn up a picture of the dream ring that had been kicking around in…

Jewelry Design Inspired by Existing Designs – Mary’s New Wedding Ring Story

This was the phone call as a jeweler I never want to get. My phone rang on a gorgeous palm tree waving day. “It’s Mary, I’ve lost my wedding ring!”

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Broken Engagements – Who Keeps the Ring?

Stop the Presses; Newspaperman Tackles Ticklish Engagement Ring Ownership Subject There sat the email from an East Coast reporter. Subject line: Broken Engagements – Who Keeps the Ring? This reporter wanted a wedding Jeweler’s input on the delicate question: “What happens if an engagement is broken, to the admittedly expensive engagement ring?”

White gold wedding band with two rows of recessed diamonds

Broke-Down Wedding Ring – Wedding Ring Problem Solving

  She was down to the wedding wire, with no ring in sight. Three weeks before her wedding, Anne called Calla Gold Jewelry for the first time. She was frantic. She was on wedding ring number two… And it wasn’t working. She needed some wedding ring problem solving, pronto. Her engagement ring had been losing…