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Wedding Rings and Bands

comfort fit band, White and rose Gold comfort fit band for a man band| with a concave center section, which is hammered and matte finished

Comfort Fit Ring vs. Flat Fit, Wedding Bands for Comfort

Not all Wedding Bands are Created Equal. In fact, there are bands out there parading as wedding bands that are a joke. They look like a wedding band and seem like one, till they bend and crack from the stress of daily wear. For lasting value, don’t just “pick one!” Chose a quality, comfortable band…

Man and woman's hand shown framed by wooden heart cut out. Man's wedding band has enamel design

Dream Ring From Across Time and Distance

Sometimes You Get That Call That Will Inspire You When Edbbie called I was twenty minutes from leaving my office for a full day of appointments. He wanted to know if I could possibly make him his dream ring in time for his wedding. When I found out he was getting married in three weeks…

one penny wedding ring|One Penny wedding ring

The One Penny Wedding Ring for Christmas for Jolene

From the Battle Field to the Front Page for Love How did a British Army bombardier in Afghanistan make a one penny wedding ring? He made it from an Afghani penny and end up on the front page of the Daily Mail!

14kt Gold Metal Distribution diagram - calla gold

14Kt vs 18Kt Gold For Your Wedding Ring

“Which is better for me, 14Kt. or 18Kt. gold?” People ask me that question all the time. There are compelling reasons why a difference in karat, 14Kt or 18Kt gold, can have a big effect on the life of your wedding ring.

Hammered flat top wedding band in 14kt yellow gold

Wedding Bands Makeover – Loving Your Jewelry Back to Life

A Makeover for My Wedding Band? Many people have a gold wedding band, or a platinum one for that matter, that needs some care and love to bring it back to beautiful life. In a way, we still see our band as how it looked when we received it and don’t notice that it’s changed….

Beautiful Bride, Wedding Kiss at Circle Bar B in Santa Barbara

Engraving a Kiss Inside a Wedding Ring! Laser Engraving is Awesome!

Jordana wanted to seal the deal with a kiss. How do you put a kiss on your husband to be’s wedding ring? You get your wedding ring designer or favorite jeweler to get it engraved inscription-style inside his ring.


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