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Jun 2

In this post I talk about titanium vs gold wedding bands and why titanium is a bad choice. Why be boring I say, so here is a story to illustrate why titanium is a poor wedding band choice for your finger’s safety. Update: June 2, 2018 A rattlesnake bit a river rafter. He was stuck in […]

Oct 3

Rushing Down the Aisle Without the Wedding Bands I got a call recently from Hal & Rick about their need for wedding bands. Between upgrading their new home to be handicapped friendly and finalizing the adoption of their child they hadn’t had time to get married. Their first thought was just to get two plain platinum wedding […]

Mar 7

I’ve written a number of blog posts on titanium and tungsten as wedding bands. This post is a compilation of simple  pros and  cons. Just the facts ma’am if you will. Feel free to add your pros and cons in the comments area. My previous blog post “Don’t Buy Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Bands” is […]

Apr 6

Not all Wedding Bands are Created Equal In fact, there are bands out there parading as wedding bands that are a joke. For daily wear and lasting comfort fit, don’t just “pick one!” Chose a quality, comfortable band that’ll be like a little friend, not an annoying “thing.” Two rings may look the same but, […]

May 12

From the Battle Field to the Front Page for Love How did a British Army bombardier in Afghanistan make a one penny wedding ring? He made it from an Afghani penny and end up on the front page of the Daily Mail!

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