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Game on With Gamer Jewelry, From Pac-Man to Legend of Zelda

If You Can’t Beat ’em Join ’em! I resisted my son’s incessant, (to me) gaming. Rules, schedules, enforced out-of-house activities. Boy was I a pain! (According to my son.) I obviously over-reacted. My gaming son makes lightning fast decisions, is a leader and kicking it in college. OK enough about my awesome gamer son. I’ve…


Spock Ears Inspire Out of This World Jewelry

Trekkie or Trekker? What Do I Call My Star Trek Loving Self? Has this Santa Barbara Jeweler divulged that she’s a Star Trek Fan? Well I am. So when these fabulous prize winning earrings by Raja Gondkar showed up I had to share.

The Perfect Confluence of Influences – Knife Earrings!

Secret True Confessions I’m a Santa Barbara Jeweler, I’m a closet foodie. I don’t cook, I work, but I watch food TV, Top Chef, Chopped, the list goes on.