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Star wars sapphire ring

Search Your Feelings… You’re in Love With This Star Wars Jewelry!

A Galaxy Far Far Away is a Lot Closer Than You Think Those who follow my blog know my love of all things sci-fi is only surpassed by my love of jewelry.  Fortunately, many others share my love of both! With the new Star Wars movie coming up in the near future, I thought I’d…


The Magical Jewelry Kingdom of Disney

The Magic of Disney Jewelry Like every little girl, I would dream of going to Disneyland.  I would beg, I would nudge, and I would helpfully remind my mom and relatives that I REALLY wanted to go to Disneyland. Thankfully, my uncle Stan didn’t have any better sense than to take me multiple times and…

Friendship rings

Friendship Rings – Jewelry Brings us Closer

There is no better way to let the world know you are part of a dynamic duo than with a friendship ring. If you’re like me, you probably found yourself wondering “where did friendship rings originate?”

I’m a Jeweler, not a Doctor! Check Out this Star Trek Jewelry!

As some of my readers may have figured out by seeing my Doctor Who and space jewelry blog posts, I’m a bit of a Sci-Fi fan. I hadn’t gotten around to making a post on my all time favorite Sci-Fi show, Star Trek, until now! So without further adieu, I present to you some awesome…

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Doctor Who, Time Travel and Jewelry

From Video Jewelry to Dr. Who! I had so much fun doing my blog post on video game jewelry that I decided to try one on Sci-Fi jewelry!  At the recommendation of the young people in my life I decided to dedicate my first Sci-Fi jewelry post to the longest-running science fiction television show in the…

Purity ring

Purity Rings: A Promise to Wait That Sparkles

The Many Symbols of Jewelry One of the biggest reasons I love jewelry is because jewelry can so eloquently symbolize meaningful points of our lives. Like the bond of a close friendship represented in a friendship ring, or the love and commitment of a marriage represented by a wedding band. Jewelry can also stand for your…