Gold Ring with Butterfly Spring Clasp

Big Knuckles and Spinning Rings? Try the Butterfly Spring!

Do You Have Large Knuckles? Do Your Rings Spin? Do you have a big gem ring you’ve given up on because it won’t stay upright? Is it sad and alone in the bottom of your jewelry box? You Want to Hear Joan’s Story and What We Did For Her and Her Spinning Ring?

Engagement Ring Hand Engraved with Speed Bumps in white gold

Ring Spin or Ring Flop…One Possible Solution – Speed Bumps

Why Do Some of Your Rings Spin? Did you know that most women’s knuckles are bigger than the base of their fingers? Yup! Today I’ll tell you about how speed bumps might solve your ring spinning problem. Most women live with it, putting up with their rings twirling and flopping over to the side—not a…