Sterling silver ring with moonstone and swirly details on the side wall

How Much Does it Cost to Size My Ring? Gold and Silver

Every day I’m asked the cost of sizing a ring. It does vary from ring to ring, but I understand that you need information. So I’m going to tell you about five rings I sized recently and what they cost.

His and Hers Custom Wedding Rings in the Wild

Guys, And Lost Wedding Rings, Stop the Madness

Men, let’s talk lost wedding rings! Most married guys wear wedding rings. The majority that do never take them off. As a Wedding Ring Jeweler, I’ve noticed that the majority of their wives like this very much. The New York Times did this article on married people who lost wedding rings. Unfortunately a lot of…

Platinum wedding set with hand engraving

Ring Sizing Cost Explained – What do You Pay More For and Why?

Do you wear rings? Silly question, what woman reading this doesn’t. Chances are you’ve had a little ring sizing experience. Unlike shoes and tires, rings in jewelry stores typically don’t come in assorted sizes-at least not rings in Santa Barbara. The Two Methods for Sizing Your Ring Larger 1. Stretching 2. Adding a bridge of gold How…

Yellow Gold Bezel set Sapphires and white gold Diamond ring

Ring Sizing, Weight Gain and Weight Loss

  Don’t Wait to Size Your Ring. Georgia worked at a small plumbing supply house and I dropped in at her office the other day to say hello when I was in the neighborhood. Being the Santa Barbara Repair Jeweler that I am, I immediately noticed she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. Oh, no! I…

Five Stacking diamond Rings

Solving Spinning Stacking Ring Problem with Speed Bumps

This Santa Barbara Jeweler loves wearing multiple rings together on the same finger. Do you? In my world it’s called stacking. Stacking doesn’t always go the way we plan. In my five ring set, the ring closest to my palm kept spinning. And it was bugging the heck out me! Some of my stackers are…

Gold Ring with Butterfly Spring Clasp

Big Knuckles and Spinning Rings? Try the Butterfly Spring!

Do You Have Large Knuckles? Do Your Rings Spin? Do you have a big gem ring you’ve given up on because it won’t stay upright? Is it sad and alone in the bottom of your jewelry box? You Want to Hear Joan’s Story and What We Did For Her and Her Spinning Ring?