Man's white gold wedding band with shiny edges, and recessed milgrain flanking a hammered and matted center area

Ring Sizing Cost with Milgrain Edging and Carved in Designs

What is Milgrain Again? A Milgrain edging looks like little beads of metal. It is frequently put on at the edge of your ring or to frame a design element of your ring. In this post I’ll talk about how having milgrain edging and special detailed designs on your ring could effect your maintenance costs in…

Pyramid like lapis and diamond ring

The Cost of Sizing a Ring Smaller

This is a continuation of my last week’s post about the cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller. Do read last week’s post which lists different factors effecting ring sizing costs. Last week’s are different from those addressed in this week’s post. There are quite a few. If you haven’t read it, check it out! Beyond the…

Emerald set in bezel with rectangular flat frame on wide band, ring

The Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger

The Cost of Sizing a Ring Larger vs Smaller, What is Involved?  People ask me all the time about the cost of sizing a ring larger vs sizing it smaller. In fact, over the last thirty years, I may have been asked that question more than any other. Sizing Ring Costs and Dining Out Costs…

Too tight man's wedding band

Ring Removal – Ten Steps to Remove a Ring That is Stuck on Your Finger

Do you have a ring that hasn’t come off in a while? Have you ever needed to remove your ring? Are you scared to try to remove it because you may find out that you’re trapped and feel claustrophobic about it? Ten Steps to Remove That Stuck on Your Finger Ring 1. Figure out what…

Toulumne tent cabin

Tight Ring Removal in the Woods – A Camp Tuolumne Story

Tight Ring Removal at 5,000 Feet I was minding my own business, reading a Dick Francis book. The birds were calling, the distant sound of kids playing was a  happy background sound and I felt that happy lassitude you get after a long hike and a swim in a bracingly cold creek. I was at  Berkeley…

Wedding set, solitaire engagement ring and single cut diamond wedding band

How Much Does it Cost to Size My Ring? Platinum and White Gold

Platinum and white gold rings cost more than yellow gold to size. Platinum rings cost more than white gold to size. I see a lot of platinum rings and get a lot of questions like this: “Why does my gold band, (by “band” I mean a ring that is the same width all the way…