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18kt-white-gold vintage diamond ring with thin shank with engraving

The Cost of Sizing a Ring: Extreme Sizing

What is Extreme Sizing? Some Kind of Olympic Sport? Any time you have a ring needing to be sized larger or smaller by three sizes or more you have a very challenging sizing job on your hands. I call this extreme sizing. The extremeness comes about because you are changing the shape of the  ring…

eternity-bands|Ruby and Diamond, emerald and diamond and sapphire and diamonds

How Much Does it Cost to Size my Eternity Band Ring?

“Can my Eternity Band Rings Even be  Sized? I was Told it Couldn’t!” I’m a jeweler in Santa Barbara. As a wedding jewelry design specialist I make a lot of eternity band rings. When you know how to make them, it makes it easier to figure out how to change them. I specialize in sizing…

Jewelry Definition: Laser Sizing / Laser Welding

Laser welding is accomplished by directing a tiny laser beam at the piece of jewelry you wish to alter or repair.  Much less heat is generated in this process. Thanks to this new technology it’s possible to make repairs on jewelry with heat-sensitive gemstones like emeralds and opals that were difficult to impossible without removing the…

Knuckle to Finger differential diagram. How to figure it out

How to Figure Out Your Knuckle to Finger Differential for Rings

Do you have rings that spin? Rings that Flop? Rings that jab you because they aren’t in the right position? Do you tend not to wear those rings much? What if it’s your wedding ring? What?!? You’re not wearing your wedding ring? This is For the Girls With the Big Knuckles

Black Rhodium Goes Great with Tats on White gold wedding band

How Much to Size my Ring? – With Matte Finish and Oxidation

I often get calls from people with unique rings who ask me for estimates on the ring sizing cost for their ring. It takes a while to run down the laundry list of factors that effect the ring sizing cost that applies to each unique ring. In this entry of my “Costs of Ring Sizing” series I’ll discuss…

Man's white gold wedding band with shiny edges, and recessed milgrain flanking a hammered and matted center area

Ring Sizing Cost with Milgrain Edging and Carved in Designs

What is Milgrain Again? A Milgrain edging looks like little beads of metal. It is frequently put on at the edge of your ring or to frame a design element of your ring. In this post I’ll talk about how having milgrain edging and special detailed designs on your ring could effect your maintenance costs in…


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