Diamond Eternity Art Deco Band

Vintage Diamond Eternity Band – A Ring Sizing Story

  What happens when you are given a delicate, small sized, and seemingly unwearable ring as a gift? Tansy was a finger size eight, and her grandmother had been a size four-and-a-half. When she inherited her grandmother’s diamond eternity band six years ago, it was clear that she wasn’t getting it onto her finger without…

Forever Fit|||forever fit for ring|6mm Forever Fit Shank on Two Row Combo ring|

ForeverFit, Arthritis Sufferers and Unfit Wedding Rings

  Full on arthritis is nothing to sneeze at. Helen had seen her friend Sue’s Finger Mate ring hinge and lamented that she was unable to wear her wedding set. Sue loves her wedding ring with the Finger Mate hinge. “Who did your ring?” Helen asked Sue. “Calla Gold,” Sue replied. And after a shuffle…

Cliq hinge|Vintage Emerald cabochon platinum ring|Gallery view of vintage filigree ring|CLIQ hinging shank|cliq hinge shank

Spinning Vintage Ring Fixed with a CLIQ Hinge Shank

  It is seriously annoying, having to take off your rings to type. Hilary keeps a jar by her computer to put her rings in when she types. She loves vintage jewelry and knows that top heavy rings are no-goes. But she couldn’t help herself. Her latest dream ring was a large emerald cabochon cut…

Angel Wings on a ring as a design hack|Square shank|Ruby and Diamond large ladies ring|Angel Wings on ring|Straight Shank of a Ring|Square Shank Ring side view|Square shank man's wedding band||Pearl ring with shoulders

Shoulders, Angel Wings and Square Shanks – Big Knuckle Ring Design Hacks

  This is for All the Girls with Big Knuckles. Jewelers are constantly trying to figure out good ways to design jewelry that fits well if you have the kind of a finger that lets Rings spin. I’ll share the top three stop-those-rings-from-spinning solutions and introduce three design hacks that help rings stay put. If…

Engraved ring with Superfit Shank|Superfit shank on engagement ring|Superfit shank for rings|Superfit ring ten years old|Depth of a ring diagram||Superfit Cliq ring hinge|superfit - Cliq hinging shank|cliq hinge man's ring

Superfit – CLIQ Hinging Shanks for Large Knuckled People-Review

  As a specialist in modifying rings that spin to be more comfortably worn, I have written on various possible solutions previously. See my related blogs on speed bumps, butterfly springs and Fingermate hinging shanks. Jumping right in, it’s time that I added to the reviews of possible big knuckle fit solutions with this article…

Inlaid opal and diamond ring showing a chip in inlaid opal

How Much to Size my Opal Ring?

Opals are beautiful and mysterious and opal lovers are devoted to them. They come with a bit of baggage though, for some a belief in superstitious bad news and for some a lot of breakage. The breakage is mainly from their delicate make-up. I have multiple opal rings and if I was asked if I’m…