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Apr 14

It’s the Story of an Opal Bracelet Cheryl inherited a ring with opals that wasn’t really her cup of tea. Yet, the opals had been her mother’s and she wanted to wear them to remember her. As a redesigning jeweler I  will share the steps of this jewelry makeover project.

Jul 23

Design Your Wedding Ring A short while ago, graphic designer, Aaron Roessler called me up. In young hip guy fashion, he’d found me, the Santa Barbara Jewelry designer on the internet. He told me he’d finally put ink to paper and drawn up a picture of the dream ring that had been kicking around in […]

Apr 9

“Not the Ring I Expected” “Are you Calla Gold, the Jewelry Designer?” His voice came strongly through the phone. “Yes!” I while back I got this call from a guy who’d liked a ring I’d just done for the fiancé of one of his co-workers. He said he admired the detailed angular aspect of the […]

Apr 2

“Why Does My Custom Made Wedding Ring Cost More Than That Online Ring?” Ronnie recently emailed me, her Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer, a picture of a ring she saw on It cost $795. I had just created a similar custom setting for her priced at $1400. She wondered if she’d paid too much. I […]

Mar 5

Before I tell You About Lorrie’s Ring…. As a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer, I’ve been asked how I can design in so many different styles when many Jewelers have a certain style that they stick too. I addressed this very question a year ago when I spoke in New York at the MJSA EXPO. (MJSA […]

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