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Apr 14

It’s the Story of an Opal Bracelet Cheryl inherited a ring with opals that wasn’t really her cup of tea. Yet, the opals had been her mother’s and she wanted to wear them to remember her. As a redesigning jeweler I  will share the steps of this jewelry makeover project.

Apr 9

“Not the Ring I Expected” “Are you Calla Gold, the Jewelry Designer?” His voice came strongly through the phone. “Yes!” I while back I got this call from a guy who’d liked a ring I’d just done for the fiancé of one of his co-workers. He said he admired the detailed angular aspect of the […]

Apr 2

“Why Does My Custom Made Wedding Ring Cost More Than That Online Ring?” Ronnie recently emailed me, her Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer, a picture of a ring she saw on It cost $795. I had just created a similar custom setting for her priced at $1400. She wondered if she’d paid too much. I […]

Mar 5

Before I tell You About Lorrie’s Ring…. As a Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer, I’ve been asked how I can design in so many different styles when many Jewelers have a certain style that they stick too. I addressed this very question a year ago when I spoke in New York at the MJSA EXPO. (MJSA […]

Nov 14

What to do With a Small Wedding Band from Mom When Debra was fifteen years old, her mom died. The one piece of jewelry she had from her mom was a small gold wedding band. Through marriage, kids, and travel, Debra always kept it with her. Of all her possessions, this ring from her mom […]

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