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Feb 2

Redesign Jewelry. That’s What my New Webpage is Dedicated to. Pull out the jewelry you’re not wearing and lets discuss how it might be changed into jewelry you’ll wear! For inspiration look at my new webpage Redesign jewelry with befores and afters of projects I’ve done for client’s jewelry pieces that weren’t being worn!

Nov 3

What Do You Do With Five Rings You Don’t Wear? Kathy was given many pieces over the years from her loving father. They were great in their day. She also inherited some little rings. This all added up to five rings and a pendant that hadn’t been worn in years. Well you know my motto […]

Aug 18

Your Jewelry Box is the Keeper of Memories And Could be a Minefield of Unworn Jewelry I recently gave a talk in Camarillo on “Revitalizing Your Jewelry Wardrobe” to a group of wonderful women.  They loved my motto, “Wear it, Don’t Warehouse it.”  Their great questions also inspired me to blog about unused jewelry. Did you know that […]

Dec 9

A Makeover for My Wedding Band? Many people have a gold wedding band, or platinum for that matter, that needs some care and love to bring it back to a beautiful life. In a way, we still see our band as how it looked when we received it and don’t notice that it’s changed. Sort […]

Oct 7

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Charm Bracelets Charm bracelets are so full of love and memories and cute little jewelry treasures. That’s the good news. The bad news is they catch on things, rip your nylons, wreck your sweaters, (the ugly!) scratch your key board and get in the way. What’s a […]

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