Sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Ring Disasters, Part 5 – When Re-Tipping is Your Only Option

Here the Prongs are Part of the Ring, Not Separate Heads. This ring design style needs different repair choices than a ring with individual heads as discussed in earlier blogs in this series. Let’s Jump Back into the Fascinating World of Your Ring Prong Re-Tipping Repair Choices To Re-cap, in Part 4 of this blog series,…

fingers holding solitaire ring

Ring Disasters, Part 3 – Ring Prong Re-Tipping Pro’s and Cons

Let’s chat about handling your ring’s prongs. In Ring Disasters, Part 2 “Re Tipping Your Ring Prongs, Defining a Common Ring Repair,” your Santa Barbara Jeweler told you how re-tipping of ring prongs is done. In this post I’ll explain the little known weakness in re-tips and why this is so.

Broken and flattened Prongs on old Ring

Ring Disasters, Part 2 – Re-Tipping Your Ring Prongs, Defining a Common Ring Repair

Let’s Talk Turkey About Fixing Your Ring Disaster. In Ring Disasters, Part 1 – “Broken or Pancaked Prongs” your Santa Barbara Jeweler told you how to spot when your ring prongs are heading into the red zone. In this post I’ll explain a common ring repair called Re-Tipping of Prongs.

Flattened Ring Prongs - close up

Ring Disasters Part, 1 – Broken or Pancaked Prongs

  Your unchecked prongs could be in the red zone. Isn’t it annoying that just about the time your ring is the most comfortable it’s ever been and is not catching on any of your clothing, it’s the most likely to be in the danger zone? Sad but true. This Santa Barbara Jeweler has noticed…

tsavorite with scratching damage

Re-Buffed Gem Gets a New Lease On Life – How Gem Polishing Works

    When You Wear it Everyday, You Don’t Always Really See What’s Happening Carol loved her Tsavorite and Diamond ring. It started out like all good jewelry love affairs. All sparkle and joy. But, just like the fact that your car doesn’t run forever without a tune-up and the occasional detail job and waxing,…