Before and After Pictures of Jewelry Redesign and Repair

“More before and after pictures please.” I’ve heard it often. I’ve gathered favorite projects and included projects from my jeweler friends as well to inspire you to pull out something you’re not wearing and change it up.   Before and After For an Old Ruby and Diamond Ring When Wendy inherited her mom’s ruby and…

Yellow gold wide ring with damage from garbage disposal

Inlay Ring Repair in Ring vs. Garbage Disposal Story

Rings fall in garbage disposals. I know it seems like a death sentence for your ring, but it may not be. In this blog I focus on Stephanie’s ring because it talks about damaged metal and inlay, a real double whammy. I’ve run into about 25 clients who’ve had rings go down the garbage disposal.…

Too thin ring with a dropped diamond

Re-Shanking Your Rings; What, Why and When?

Like an Iceberg to the Titanic, Thin Ring Shanks Spell Trouble For You Whether it’s a pinched finger with a little blood, because of a crack on the bottom of your ring, or a big chunk just broke away, it’s never good when your ring cracks. Like a weak link in a chain, the most…

Damaged diamond head

Top Three Reasons Your Jewelry Broke – The Jewelry Hall of Shame

The Jewelry Hall of Shame and How to Avoid it My jeweler friend Casey Gallant, of Stephen Gallant Jewelers wrote this up and is letting me share. This is as good an excuse as any to share pictures of messed up jewelry.

Too tight man's wedding band

Jewelry Repairs – Life Extension for Your Jewelry

Let’s Talk About Jewelry Repairs I’ve been hearing all the time things like, “my ring broke at the bottom”, “my diamond fell out” or “my pearls broke.” The calls I want to get are, “seems like time to check my prongs,”  “I bet my pearls are due for a restringing,” or “could you come by…

|Vintage ring with broken filigree|Antique ring

Antique Ring Restoration Story – Filigree Hearts Re-Made

Great Grandma’s Antique Ring Didn’t Make it When Cheryl finally received the antique ring that belonged to her great-grandmother she loved its intricacy and sweet details. The little filigree hearts were her favorite part. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line one side of the ring with the little hearts had maybe been stepped on. It was…