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Sep 10

Lego Marriage Proposal

By Calla Gold

Best Marraige Proposal Ever  Contender A New York gentleman named Anthony Pinder made this fantastic stop action video Lego marriage proposal. Dragon Slaying What I love about it is how he shows how much he loves his girlfriend by what he’d like to do for her. He expresses his wishes in Legos and he does it […]

Aug 13

I saw this and said, “What? That’s gross!” I put it up on my Calla Gold Jewelry Facebook page and asked people what they thought about this; the grossest wedding jewelry trend ever. The responses I got blew the top off the Facebook statistic charts.

May 28

Lynda Weinman Inspires Me In 1984 the Macintosh computer was released with the first graphic user interface. While I was clueless as to the import of this new invention, for Lynda Weinman Co-Founder of it was a defining moment on her delightful and unpredictable road to successful entrepreneurship.

Dec 20

Jeremy Gold, (My Husband) Opines On the Soaring Price of Gold Some of you can probably remember when gold was selling for $35 an ounce—like my eighty-seven year old dad. It was under $300/oz. when I began my illustrious career as a Jeweler in Santa Barbara. I’ve watched gold rise and fall but I’ve seen […]

Dec 17

Jeweler’s Have to Start Somewhere With Their Love Affair With Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor was an icon of fashion, romance, excess and real Hollywood glamour. She was this Santa Barbara Jewelry Designer‘s inspiration to love jewelry. I love horses and I became a fan of hers when I saw “National Velvet.”

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