Hammered flat top wedding band in 14kt yellow gold

Wedding Bands Makeover – Loving Your Jewelry Back to Life

A Makeover for My Wedding Band? Many people have a gold wedding band, or a platinum one for that matter, that needs some care and love to bring it back to beautiful life. In a way, we still see our band as how it looked when we received it and don’t notice that it’s changed….

Wear it Don’t Warehouse it! Redesign Your Unworn Jewelry

There are sad jewelry survey results out there. The average woman has at least five pieces of jewelry she’s not wearing. Aggg! This Santa Barbara Jeweler is on a mission to spread the word. Unearth and redesign your unworn jewelry, it’s like buried treasure. Let’s make it special again!

Wear it Don’t Warehouse it, Rhonda’s Coin Earrings Re-do

Rhonda’s Coin Earrings Re-Do Rhonda and I had already met a bunch of times selecting jewelry pieces to define her new executive look. Before I tell you about the coin earrings re-do project, allow me to tell you about the amazing and fascinating Rhonda. I’m Calla Gold and among other duties as a Santa Barbara Personal Jeweler…

Wedding Rings You Don’t Love and How to Change Them

Like Dear Abby, Calla Gold Jewelry Advises Women About Jewelry Issues. Alison asks, “Do many women wear wedding rings they’re not crazy about? Or is it just me?”

Wear it Don’t Warehouse it: One Inherited Ring Redesign Makes a New Jewelry Wardrobe

A funny story about an inherited ring redesign. Marcia, (names changed to protect the lucky) inherited a very large, very ‘yesterday,’ super dressy cocktail ring. It sat unworn and overwhelmingly alone in a safe deposit box; an inherited ring’s idea of Hell. Happily she met me, and we had some serious fun with that cocktail…

Jewelry Design Inspired by Existing Designs – Mary’s New Wedding Ring Story

This was the phone call as a jeweler I never want to get. My phone rang on a gorgeous palm tree waving day. “It’s Mary, I’ve lost my wedding ring!”