Inherited diamond ring. Three rings soldered together

Inherited Rings – Use, Re-Purpose or Re-Design? Vikki’s Story

  Vikki was at a Crossroads. She came to me with an inherited ring from her mother. She thought the design was beautiful, but the ring’s scale was an issue. Not only was the ring too big for her finger – its design was just too big for her hand. Vikki was upset that her…

|Picture of gold watch band with center monogram instead of a watch|||oval gold shine pendant||Watch Dog|from watch to bracelet

One Watch Makes Two Pendants and a Bracelet

What Do You Do With a Watch That’s too Small to Tell Time? That is what started this very fun project with Ruth. “I love the watchband itself. I’d love to somehow use it as a bracelet, but it’s too small if I remove the watch. I can’t really use the watch because the numbers…

White gold and diamonds pendant made from a wedding ring

What to do With Divorce Diamonds?

As a Santa Barbara Jeweler, I get asked often what to do with divorce diamonds. I say redesign with them!  You earned that diamond, regardless of how your union ended.  It shouldn’t sit in a safe or the bottom of your jewelry box. Your diamond should be celebrated in a new way in a new…

Five rings and a pendant into a pin project

Five Rings and a Pendant Unworn! Then Revitalized!

What Do You Do With Five Rings You Don’t Wear? Kathy was given many pieces over the years from her loving father. They were great in their day. She also inherited some little rings. This all added up to five rings and a pendant that hadn’t been worn in years. Well you know my motto…

Calla Gold presenting in Camarillo describing changes that can be made to jewelry

Is Your Jewelry Box a Minefield of Unworn Jewelry?

Your Jewelry Box is the Keeper of Memories And Could be a Minefield of Unworn Jewelry I recently gave a talk in Camarillo on “Revitalizing Your Jewelry Wardrobe” to a group of wonderful women.  They loved my motto, “Wear it, Don’t Warehouse it.”  Their great questions also inspired me to blog about unused jewelry. Did you know that…

The Vagina Necklace

The Vagina Necklace That Got a Second Chance!

  Sometimes working on something new, gets you to look at something old. I knew I was going to have fun with Mary from the minute I met her. A therapist, she looks at life with a quiet joy and a sparkle in her eye. I was designing a ring for her with a diamond…