Three diamond rings made from one inherited ring

Inherited Jewelry – What to Do With Your Inherited Jewelry?

A Gift of Loving Jewelry, Neglected Your beloved Grandma Lowena passed on. You are past tears and you are moving on with your life.Your lawyer Mr. Pender has given each of the family members pieces of her jewelry. You received her soldered together wedding set and clip-on pearl earrings.Hmmm, now what? You can’t wear those…

3 Gold Charms - After redesigning the pin

Re-Purposing Jewelry: Inherited Charms

What Carla did With Inherited Charms Carla called me about some inherited charms. I liked her story and I loved her charms. Follow her story and maybe find some inspiration for any charms you may be harboring.

woman wearing custom designed aquamarine pendant|CAD design aquamarine pendant|

Tamar’s Aquamarine Gets a New Home

Designing in a Favorite Style Tamar had a large, beautiful aquamarine that was trapped in ring far too small for it. She envisioned turning it into a beautiful pendant to wear with her John Hardy necklace. There was a particular style of pendant from John Hardy that Tamar really loved, but she could not find a…

Inherited diamond ring. Three rings soldered together

Inherited Rings – Use, Re-Purpose or Re-Design? Vikki’s Story

Vikki at a Crossroads Vikki came to me with an inherited ring from her mother. She thought the design was beautiful, but the ring’s size was an issue. Not only was the ring too big for her finger – its design was just too big for her taste. Vikki was upset that her mother’s ring…

|Picture of gold watch band with center monogram instead of a watch|||oval gold shine pendant||Watch Dog|from watch to bracelet

One Watch Makes Two Pendants and a Bracelet

What Do You Do With a Watch That’s too Small to Tell Time? That is what started this very fun project with Ruth. “I love the watchband itself. I’d love to somehow use it as a bracelet, but it’s too small if I remove the watch. I can’t really use the watch because the numbers…

White gold and diamonds pendant made from a wedding ring

What to do With Divorce Diamonds?

Divorce Diamonds As a Santa Barbara Jeweler, I get asked often what to do with divorce diamonds. I say redesign with them!  You earned that diamond, regardless of how your union ended.  It shouldn’t sit in a safe or the bottom of your jewelry box. Your diamond should be celebrated in a new way in…