Problem Solving

Moissanite Engagement Ring in white gold

When Engagement Diamond Dreams, Hit Budget Bumps. Options,Ideas and Alternatives

“We really want this design with the three quarter carat size center, but we can’t afford the engagement diamond we want. But if we get a smaller diamond with the thinner band, it won’t look good on my hand. Calla what can we do?” Debbie lamented as we sat together at her kitchen table looking…

Wedding Rings You Don’t Love and How to Change Them

Like Dear Abby, Calla Gold Jewelry Advises Women About Jewelry Issues. You’ve asked an excellent question Alison.  Many a man will choose your engagement ring without knowing what your taste is. His priority is to propose to you and start a new life with you. This is great, except for the fact that you may…

Drop Earrings on lever backs

Do You Suffer From Droopy Dangly Earrings?

Droopy err, drop earrings can go wrong. You’ve all heard the old stories of the shoemaker’s children having no shoes. As it turned out I was suffering from the same problem. My thin ear lobes made many drop earrings look like sad and droopy  earrings! None of my dangly style earrings looked right.

Five Stacking diamond Rings

Solving Spinning Stacking Ring Problem with Speed Bumps

This Santa Barbara Jeweler loves wearing multiple rings together on the same finger. Do you? In my world it’s called stacking. Stacking doesn’t always go the way we plan. In my five ring set, the ring closest to my palm kept spinning. And it was bugging the heck out me! Some of my stackers are…

Gold Ring with Butterfly Spring Clasp

Big Knuckles and Spinning Rings? Try the Butterfly Spring!

Do You Have Large Knuckles? Do Your Rings Spin? Do you have a big gem ring you’ve given up on because it won’t stay upright? Is it sad and alone in the bottom of your jewelry box? You Want to Hear Joan’s Story and What We Did For Her and Her Spinning Ring?

White gold wedding band with two rows of recessed diamonds

Broke-Down Wedding Ring – Wedding Ring Problem Solving

    She was down to the wedding wire, with no ring in sight. Three weeks before her wedding, Anne called Calla Gold Jewelry for the first time. She was frantic. She was on wedding ring number two… And it wasn’t working. She needed some wedding ring problem solving, pronto. Her engagement ring had been…