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Jan 8

Chain Clasps From Hell

By Calla Gold

Taco Dinner Delayed by Crappy Clasps!

Dec 26
Nov 13

Figuring Out the Right Big Knuckle Solution Out of Many Possibilities

Oct 2

It is Seriously Annoying, Having to Take off Rings to Type Hilary keeps a jar by her computer to put her rings in when she types. She loves vintage jewelry and knows that top heavy rings are no-goes. But she couldn’t help herself. Her latest dream ring was a large emerald cabochon cut vintage style. […]

Jul 10

This is for All the Girls with Big Knuckles Jewelers are constantly trying to figure out good ways to design jewelry that fits well if you have the kind of a finger that lets Rings spin. I’ll share the top three stop-those-rings-from-spinning solutions and introduce three design hacks that help rings stay put. If you […]

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