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Feb 25

  Ear Lobe Droop, It’s Like an Epidemic! The other day my phone rang and Danita said one of her earrings looked funny. I went to see her and yup, she had ear lobe droop. It comes up a lot! Do some of your earrings end up pointing toward the pavement? If so, it’s time […]

Feb 4

What About That Pile of Broken, Dated and Old Gold? Have you ever wondered if you could re-use your old gold and re-cast it into something new? A client asked me, her Goleta Jeweler, last week if I could make one of my more intricate rings using the gold she had from three old earrings […]

Nov 19

Garbage Disposals vs Rings Rings fall in garbage disposals. I know it seems like a death sentence for your ring, but really it isn’t. In this blog I focus on Stephanie’s ring because it talks about damaged metal and inlay, a real double whammy. I’ve run into about 25 clients who’ve had rings go down […]

Nov 5

Changing the Texture of Your Ring Makes it New and Different Are you a candidate for changing the texture of your ring? You may not even know. From shiny to matte, from smooth to hammered, there are many ways to change up a piece of your jewelry by adding texture to it. I’m sharing one […]

Oct 22

Broken Nails and Jupiter To break a nail, ladies, is never good. To break a diamond…even less so. Nails grow back relatively quickly. Diamonds…not so fast. Hmmm, actually not at all. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of chipped diamonds. In this post I am going to suggest six actions you can take with your chipped diamonds. […]

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