PVD plated gold watch band

Gold Electroplating vs PVD Coating

  What’s the Difference Between Electroplating and PVD Coating? Walter came to me a year ago to gold-plate a silver chain he had. After a year of daily wear, the plating was coming off in places. When we had our first meeting he also showed me his watch. He was pretty ticked off. He said,…

Recently Plated Rose Gold Chains

Why is Rose Gold Plating Funky? Could it be the Copper?

  Melia’s spotty rose gold plating started this conversation. Melia bought a discolored rose gold plated pendant at a sale. She figured she’d just polish it up. She tried various silver and copper polishes and only succeeded in pulling most of the plating off and leaving it splotchy looking. Melia was not happy. I got…

Three tanks for rinsing in the gold plating process

Gold Plating for Jewelry, With Pictures From the Workshop

I’ve been asked what kind of equipment is used in then professional gold plating of jewelry. Having gold plated jewelry for years for my clients, with a little help from my plater friends, I decided to go “back stage” and take you with me! In this post I’ll give you a peek behind the scenes…

Blob of pure rhodium

Ashton Kutcher and His Rhodium Wedding Band

  Walden of Two and a Half Men Single-Handedly Raises Rhodium’s Profile A couple of my clients who are Two and a Half Men fans told me about an episode in which Ashton Kutcher’s character, Walden, proclaimed that his Rhodium wedding band was made of “the most expensive metal in the world.” This has caused…

|Gold plated pin before and after gold plating|(license)

Gold Plating Jewelry Explained – How Plating Renews Your Old Jewelry

As the Dear Abby of Santa Barbara Jewelers, I get asked questions about gold plating jewelry all the time. What exactly is the procedure? Can my jewelry be gold plated again? Will it affect my gemstones? Is it worth doing?

Dear Calla column picture

Five Ways to Fabulousify Your Jewelry with Rhodium Treatment

Read on to Get Your Fabulous Jewelry Secrets. Rhodium treatment is a rule changer, a look changer and an agent of fabulous-ification for your jewelry! See my previous post: Rhodium Plating, Like Coloring Your Hair Only for Jewelry, for more about what Rhodium is. And why it’s fabulous! In this post, this Fabulous Santa Barbara…