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Jul 9

What is Rhodium?

Feb 8

Black Gold – Is It Real?

Oct 27

How Gold Plating is Done Step by Step I’ve been asked what kind of equipment is used in the gold plating of jewelry. Having gold plated jewelry for years for my clients, with a little help from my plater friends, I decided to go “back stage” and take you with me! In this post I’ll […]

Jul 20

  Walden of Two and a Half Men Single-Handedly Raises Rhodium’s Profile A couple of my clients who are Two and a Half Men fans told me about an episode in which Ashton Kutcher’s character, Walden, proclaimed that his Rhodium wedding band was made of “the most expensive metal in the world.” This has caused […]

Feb 20

Gold Plating Jewelry – One of Those Frequently Asked Questions As the Dear Abby of Santa Barbara Jewelers, I get asked questions about gold plating jewelry all the time. What exactly is the procedure? Can my jewelry be gold plated again? Will it affect my gemstones? Is it worth doing?

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