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How to Buy Jewelry For Girls

Buying jewelry for girls can be tricky for us guys. The classic example is the wedding ring. Everyone knows what it means. A gold ring on the left ring finger of a girl means she’s hitched and off limits to other guys. To her, there is no other piece of jewelry more important and meaningful…

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Your Jewelry and Airport Security: Do You Wear the Good Gold Stuff?

  What about your jewelry and airport security? Can you wear your good stuff? And what about that big costume jewelry (not gold) watch, when you go through airport security? Do you worry that all the gold and platinum in your rings will set off the alarms and get you strip searched in a dingy…

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Fix Your Jewelry!

You Don’t have to be a Plumber to Fix a Ring If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Fix Your Jewelry! Like any other chore, this jewelry fixing jeweler has seen how easy it it to put it off. At some point, though, you just have to bite the bullet and…

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Online Wedding Ring Costs vs. Custom Made Wedding Ring Costs

Ronnie recently emailed me, her a picture of a ring she saw on Overstock.com. It cost $795. I had just created a similar custom setting for her priced at $1400. She wondered if she’d paid too much. I compared the two rings. Were they similar? Not really.

How To Buy Jewelry For Women, From One Guy to Another

Or maybe like me, you’ve actually walked in one of these jewelry stores only to be blinded by a vast array of rings that, except for minor details, all look the same! Like we’re supposed to know what she likes! Like we’re supposed to know whether she likes round brilliant or princess cut diamonds. Like…

Wear it Don’t Warehouse it: One Inherited Ring Redesign Makes a New Jewelry Wardrobe

A funny story about an inherited ring redesign. Marcia, (names changed to protect the lucky) inherited a very large, very ‘yesterday,’ super dressy cocktail ring. It sat unworn and overwhelmingly alone in a safe deposit box; an inherited ring’s idea of Hell. Happily she met me, and we had some serious fun with that cocktail…