Dog in pearls

Dogs in Jewelry – Jewelers Decorate Their Dogs

Could Anything be Cuter than Dogs in Jewelry? One way busy jewelers stay sane is to include their dogs in their business. This helps with our fitness and it lifts our mood. Putting our dogs in jewelry is irresistible. Stuart Greenway’s shop dog is Dixie the Jewel Queen. Dixie is a beautiful and sweet Staffordshire…


Teeth Jewelry, From Ancient Dentistry to Hip-Hop Accessory

Teeth Jewelry, It’s a Thing Over the last 7+ years of blogging I’ve blogged about almost every jewelry topic out there. This is why it’s always a pleasant surprise when I stumble across something new I can write about, such as my last blog on Engagement Ring Piercings. I was intrigued to see that yet…


Cindy Edelstein and the Super Rad Award She Helped InStore to Win

A Vision, A Prize and me Deciding to Share It’s been almost two and one-half years since my industry friend Cindy Edelstein passed away. Read at the end of the post the fundraiser she inspired. Several years before she passed, Cindy shared some jewelry designs she pulled together for what she called her “Customer Types,”…

Jewelers tattoos

Jewelers and Their Tattoos

Jewelers are pretty expressive and artistic people. Some are also a bit spiky socially and say some salty things, which I find entertaining. There are a lot of philosophers in the bunch as well. And real givers. The passion that I see in my industry inspires me. I’ve been seeing a lot of tattooed jewelers…

Montecito debris flow

Fire and Flood, My Stormy Jeweler Life – Part 2

This is Part 2, the flood. Read Part 1. The New Year had come and gone. The fire was no longer near us. The street sweepers had cleaned the last ash piles away and a breeze no longer meant that it suddenly smelled like an ashtray.

Fires in Santa Barbara clouds.

Fire and Flood, My Stormy Jeweler Life – Part 1

  Our hills burned from our neighbors in Santa Paula, through the hills of Ojai and to the coast in Ventura, with fire taking hundreds of homes as the high winds whipped this way and that unpredictably. Then the winds started pushing the fire into our direction. The march toward Santa Barbara had begun. As…